John is back with more Prophecies of Christ phase 2 previews, this time focused on some Major Prophets!

This Jeremiah is a beast (and a good friend of mine)! Combining a Job-esque feel with a hand look and big numbers to absorb the first evil enhancement the opponent plays, all feels good on its own. Wrap it up with the bow that is his star ability and you have one amazing hero! His star is simply incredible in the opening hand as we have so many Lost Souls that can add cards to your hand before the game even begins. Jeremiah was one of the four Major prophets, and had a ton of messianic prophecies. Not quite as many as Isaiah, but enough to warrant a few good enhancements.

I’m not sure how much non-booster play Fountain will see, but I think it’s amazing in that format, and has potential in constructed. At worst it’s a single use Emmaus Road, and at best you get to trigger the star ability and draw two on a later turn.

Just as we are molded by the Lord, so too can you mold your Heroes to your desires with this stellar enhancement. Need Stephen or Joshua the High Priest to get initiative? Here’s your answer. Or maybe you just play it in battle and wipe out an evil character.

One of the really cool things that we did this year was print a couple of cards that are the same! Well, kinda. You can’t play Jeremiah’s New Covenant in the same deck as Ezekiel’s New Covenant as they’re both green, and have the same name. They both stick around after use as an enhancement as well. Speaking of Ezekiel – he’s another Major Prophet:

Banding to Cherubim, Seraphim and others is really good, especially when they become Cannot be Negated. His negate feels very strong as well, and just like the FooF version of Ezekiel, he’s best when played with some Babylonians.

The other Dominant in phase 2 of Prophecies of Christ will fight very hard for a deck slot. It requires a little bit of self-capture set-up to be truly amazing as an add-to-battle, but the potential to steal opponent’s heroes from discard feels pretty awesome in multiplayer, and extending the battle is almost always a good thing.

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Last Modified: March 28, 2019

5 thoughts on “Joy to the World

  1. Bobbert

    Oh hey, Valley of Dry Bones is a good Ezekiel card.

    1. John J Earley III

      Why does that matter?

      Looks at FooF Zeke…..

  2. Reth

    Aaarrggghh! Is it only me or does new Ezekiel (& green prophets) plus Babylonians will go rampant? :O :O :O 🙂

  3. Derek T.

    You mentioned that Fountain of Living Water would work well in Booster, but you can’t have a reserve in booster, so the enhancement portion would be worthless in booster…

    1. Justin A.

      Reserve is now allowed in Booster and Sealed categories.

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