Zac. C is back with a fun game based on Redemption! Feel free to post your score in the comments and add any other slick Redemption puns you can think of.

When I started playing the Redemption, at the end of the day when our brains were spent, we would take a random pile of cards and create funny stories based on the cards. We would try to outdo each other with how silly and out there we could be in coming up with names and puns for whatever random cards we could find. I wanted to try and share The Story Game with the Redemption community, so please enjoy some Redemption puns! Try to guess the card before checking the answer and see how many you can get right!


Man without a father. Answer

Royal cheerleader. Answer

Bad boys bad boys, where you gonna go? Answer

The Second Loan Payment. Answer

The Third Woeful Loan Payment. Answer

Santa pointing the way to the bathroom. Answer

Him? Answer

May the force be with them. Answer and Answer

Super toilet. Answer

Need a chiropractor… Answer

There are 2 things certain in life… Answer and Answer

Pegasus. Answer

Get Triggered! Answer

Can you see the little face? Answer or Answer

Catfish. Answer

When you just don’t draw the cards you need… Answer

In need of sandwich. Answer

The Circle of Life. Answer

You know it’s a sphere, right? Answer

Who thought a draw 1 would make a difference? Answer

Sauron. Answer

Is this from The Lord of the Rings too? Answer

When you leave your King Grape out in the sun too long. Answer

When you eat too may King Grapes and feel sick. Answer

Pumpkin-eater. Answer Answer

Braveheart. Answer

Maybe someday this identifier will do something. Answer

My mind after a day of Redemption. Answer

Life with Christ is… Answer

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