Welcome to the Land of Redemption, the latest strategy, news and tutorial blog for the Redemption CCG! If you enjoy the game Redemption, or your curious about the game, we believe you’ll find this a fun and exciting place to visit often.

Beginning Monday, March 30th we plan to bring you fresh content almost every weekday. You can expect a wide variety of topics in the form of articles, blogs, videos and podcasts. This is a fan based site, run by a community of fans. Our resources will be brought to you by many of the games top players. Here are some of the topics we plan to cover soon:

  • Strategy, deck construction and deck lists
  • Card and theme reviews
  • Ruling questions and explanations
  • Tips for tournament hosts and playgroup leaders
  • Card development history and sneak peaks of upcoming cards

That’s just a start but it’s enough to get me excited for things to come! We hope you’re excited too and will check back frequently to see what’s new in the Land of Redemption.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Land of Redemption

  1. Joah

    I’m so glad this site exists! Every collectable card game has a strategy site and its nice to see redemption he some love. I love this game but I don’t have anywhere’s to play since NY stopped hosting tournaments. Is there any online ways to play?

    1. Gabe Post author

      Hi Joah,

      There’s a program called Lackey that people use to play Redemption online. You can find out more about it on the Redemption Message Boards here. Board members often use the shout box to find games. If you don’t already have an account, sign up and join the Redemption community online!

      I believe there are some players in the NY area but I don’t now how close they are to you. Roy is the godfather of Redemption in that part of the country. He could probably help you connect with some players. His name on the message boards is Reyzen.



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