In this episode, Redoubter tackles the complex ignore special ability to help our viewers understand how it works.

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4 thoughts on “Real Rulings – Ignore

  1. John E


    You referred to the granting of immunity quite frequently. I’m curious. If I make a rescue with Isaiah, and get blocked with Stoic Philosophers, they play Hate. Can I play Plague of Frogs to win the battle?

    1. Redoubter

      This is a good question, and shows the other side through Repel.

      Evil Character repels green brigade.

      Plague of Frogs:
      Regardless of immunity return an evil character in play to owner’s draw pile. Shuffle draw pile.

      Hate does the following:
      1. Stoic Philosophers are immune to Isaiah, but THROUGH ignore (different ability, important).
      2. Isaiah is immune to Stoic Philosophers.
      3. No more green heroes can enter battle.
      4. At the end of the battle, Isaiah would not be considered in it for determining the winner.

      Philosophers are indeed immune, and Plague says ‘regardless of immunity’, but that is regardless of the ABILITY immunity. Ignore makes them immune, but not through the same ability.

      If the card said ‘regardless of ignore’ it would work, but the actual ability ‘immune’ is not stopping the targeting, it is ‘ignore’.

      Plague of Frogs would not work.

  2. John

    Well that’s certainly not what Plague of frogs says. It’s regardless of immunity, whether that’s granted by an immune ability, an ignore ability or game rule, the word ability is nowhere on the card, so unless you’d like to revisit the Crown of Thorns vs. High Priests Palace ruling, I’m 99% sure that’s incorrect

    1. Redoubter

      I agree that there is an aspect of this that is certainly not intuitive for some players, though it is the current ruling (as of this posting) based on precedent and how rules

      Might change in the future if the wording of Ignore gets an overhaul, but it is the status quo ruling of ‘regardless of’ wording, that the immunity granted by ignore is not the same as what is granted by the ability immunity.

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