For those of you who have been paying attention to the spoilers over the past couple weeks, you would have realized that it is time once again to reveal those special cards that were designed by the players, for the players. The following cards were created by the respective champions of Booster Draft, T2-2P, T1-2P, and Sealed Deck at Nationals 2017. Without further ado, I give you THE,

2017 National Championship Winner Creation Cards!

Designed by: Isaac Miller (2017 Booster Draft Champion)

Designed by: Josiah Beers (2017 T2-2P Champion)

Designed by: JD Cunningham (2017 T1-2P Champion)

Designed by: Daniel Huisinga (2017 Sealed Deck Champion)

5 thoughts on “YOU are (also) The Special.

  1. KariusVega

    What a line up!! Serious diversity here!!

  2. Phillip C.

    I know I’ve already said this in other places, but The Leviathan is my absolute favorite card in FoM, solely based on the artwork!

    1. Derek T.

      That’s just because you’re a Pokemon fan. 😉

      1. Phillip C.

        Well I do have to admit I’m a big fan of Gyarados… which Leviathan does bear some resemblance to 😉

  3. isaaciniowa

    Thanks for giving the winners such an awesome privilege to make cards for the game!

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