Are you a combo player? Do you enjoy doing crazy things? Are you dismayed that we recently changed how Mayhem and Besieging the City interact?

Well, don’t worry, because today I have a few cards to share with you that will lift your spirits!

Side-battle cards have been around since all the way back in Prophets with Cup of Wrath and we’ve steadily added to their ranks with cards like Idle Gossip and Troops Discharged through the years. We once had to change some rules because of a massive combo deck that abused these cards. We’re always a little wary of them, but this year we decided to throw caution to the wind and print a whopping 3! Of them!

Reasons we think we’re okay this year:

1) The only one that you can play 4 of in T2 is evil granting an evil side battle, Troops Discharged has never been a problem card.

2) The Lord goes before you banishes itself (Looking at you King Lemuel) and can’t be splashed by Disciples or Garden Gals

3) Brother against Brother is in the same brigade as Rehoboam who, while strong isn’t played in every brown deck.

What crazy combos will you dream up with these cards?

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5 thoughts on “Side-battle Shenanigans

  1. isaaciniowa

    Hmmm… brother against brother is a judges enhancement… Gleaning the fields, anyone?

    for violent tendencies, if you put a violent men in that side battle, would they have to discard a character in their territory or the hero back in the main battle, or are they forced to discard a character from territory because they can’t target the hero in the main battle?

  2. RC777

    Yes! more side battle cards!

    I always wanted more side battle cards printed!

    Very nice! 🙂

  3. thecoolguy

    Side battles will be played a lot this year I bet.

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