Each time we release a new set, old cards can potentially become more viable in combination with new cards. Each week “Resurrecting Old Treasures” will be all about easy 2-3 card combos involving at least 1 old card and 1 new card.

This week we’re looking at Love.
Love_TECObviously Love is a very good card – with a dozen different applications. The specific one that we’ll be looking at today is the evolution of an old combo ‘perma-ignore’. The combo has been around since Priests, and was significantly improved with the release of Rock of Ages. Now it’s even better with Early Church.

The idea behind the combo is to convert Saint of Virtue to green or silver and then use Spiritual Warfare to ignore all humans, forever.  In Priests we got Training in Righteousness, but it took 4 turns. In Rock of Ages we got Gold Shield, which was instant, but required initiative or placing the weapon in a vulnerable position. Plus the best gray defense (Pharisee’s) didn’t have a good way to play it. Now, all you need is Love. Love can be used to convert Saint of Virtue whenever, wherever you need it too. Play Spiritual Warfare in battle, and you’re good to go. I’ve seen it set up from turn 1. Splash in Three Nails and it’s possible you won’t be blocked all game.

Happy Comboing!

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  1. Patrick W

    I felt like this was a well written article and a good explanation for players who are beginning to get more experience or trying to have a strong jump off point for trying to build their first deck.

    Thank you for the article!

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