Join us for part 1 in a video series on multi-player strategy!

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6 thoughts on “Justin Can’t Get to 7 if He Doesn’t Get to 1 – Part 1

  1. Justin A.

    I forgot to mention this at the end, but please share any comments, questions, things you think I missed, things you disagree with, etc and I’ll be happy to respond.

    Thanks for checking it out!

  2. Jesse

    Great video- very helpful! I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to learning about managing the “politics” of multiplayer, such as how to deal with getting ganged up on, not jumping out to a large early lead (and thus inciting getting dom-blasted), when to block or give a freebie, etc.

    Thanks for taking the time to do these for the community!

  3. Justin A.

    Thanks Jesse! Those are all topics I plan to go over during this series.

  4. Justin A.

    Thank you gents, video #2 is completed so will likely be posted next week!

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