Are you ready for the tournament season? Seen anything you like in Revelation of John?

The meta is certainly sizzling with options and variety as Revelation of John has delivered many great offensive and defensive compliments with all seven of The Bowls of Wrath cards and versatile Seals.

What stands out in the meta most to you?

It seems the Imitate Soul is a no brainer in the Revelation of John meta! Combine this Lost Soul with Lawless and The Ends of the Earth and you are practically getting an extra draw 2 every turn, if you need the speed!

Whoa slow down! Three Woes is really putting a halt on Throne. You might want to consider how fast you are trying to go with the black/gold Outsiders Lurking in nearly everyone’s reserve since The Deceiver is so versatile! They have a Plot to Kill!

Do you like playing Angels? Me too!

Angels are ripe as ever, I think they have been eating some Angel Food (just kidding), but seriously! The new The Strong Angel gets to play for every Evil Character presented to block! Wow! You can play 3 Bowls of Wrath first if they block against a 3 Evil Character band!? Yowza! Combine this with Ram’s Horn and everything he’s playing becomes cannot be interrupted! Move over Judges!

Remember the days of TGT?

Well, luckily we have had the ignore ruling change to encourage the battle phase, but who says the white ladies aren’t saving more souls than ever? The Woman with Child is amazing! ‘He is Risen’ is better than ever now that we have a ton of great N.T. angels to band to say for example The Angel of the Winds or perhaps Angel from the Sun for an exchange to Justin Martyr who can recur Blood of the Lamb! Nice! What an amazing card. Blood of the Lamb is thematically one of my personal favorites at the moment. Cloud Moses is still a boss, we just might see some Transfiguration or hear a Song of Moses!

Fifth Seal, Justice Seekers is a super strong card if you are playing Martyrs. This card can get everything and can even access your Reserve! What a value serving both as an Enhancement and a Hero throughout the game with Resurrection of Martyrs! Look who else just came back, Polycarp!! The Revelation of John battle phases may be the most interactive battles Redemption has had yet! How could you expect any less with John, the Apocalyptist!?

Ribbit, Ribbit

Did you hear that? I think I stepped on The Frog Demons. There might be a Chinese or Gypsy King coming from a Reserve since Kings of the Earth have come to band to your Foreign Wives! Yikes! Did I draw 5 this turn off of Paul and Faith of Samuel? Oh no they are unrighteous! The Death of Unrighteous is trying to shuffle souls away! Good thing Paul is a champ and protects all of the great N.T. Lost Souls from the chumps we have now days!

Who says Flood Survivors ain’t survivin’ the meta?

Ever seen anyone play the Flood in a defensive side battle say off of King Rehoboam or Christian Suing Another? If you thought you drenched your opponent just wait until you follow The Flood up with I am Holy and Simeon while Noah’s Wife or Eve are around! They better be playing a Darkness soul or Imitate and Lawless if they want to keep up with the amount of evil you are purging them of! Combine them with the new Job and The Dove Returns and they might not be able to use many evil cards all game!

All in all I’d say the meta is Sowing Bountifully! Have fun this tournament season Fearless Traveler on your road to victory at your local tournaments all the way to Nationals!

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  1. Andy Devine

    Now the choices on building an ROJ deck…thanks for the article

  2. Benjamin Campbell

    Great job on this article, it was informative and super fun at the same time!


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