Even though there hasn’t been a lot going on here on Land of Redemption this past week there’s a lot going on in the Redemption community! Most people have Revelation of John in hand now. State and Regional tournaments are just around the corner. There’s a lot of excitement and buzz about all the possibilities the new cards present.

Today I want to share with you a few minor updates that happened to the REG last week and tell you about an all Revelation of John booster draft our group did.

We found a few things that needed corrected in the REG 4.1.0 release.

  • Deck building rules received clarification about 2 and 3 brigade cards. We also clarified that the Reserve is reset to it’s original contents after each game.
  • All instances of “affiliation” were replaced with “alignment”.
  • Clarity was added to the Rescue entry.
  • A Clarification section was added to the Resurrect entry.
  • A few glossary entries were updated for accuracy.
  • Typos and spelling errors were fixed.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Marcus Parker (RedemptionAggie on the boards) for his detailed feedback!

RoJ x 4 Draft!

On Saturday some of our local players had a booster draft where we each used 4 Revelation of John packs. It was one of the best, and funnest drafts I’ve ever played in! The card selection in RoJ packs is amazing. Obviously there are a lot of fun and amazing cards in RoJ, but the “extra” cards in the pack from the tins and Priests do an amazing job of diversifying and complimenting the cards from RoJ.

I was able to draft The Nobleman, The Generous Widow and The Thankful Leper along with some nice gold battle winners to play on them. That’s an example of how RoJ and the extra cards compliment one another. Another example is the addition of orange characters and enhancements from Priests that work well with the defense in RoJ. The same can be said for Sadducees. I saw one player make a surprise block with his Mocking Soldier banded to another player’s Emperor Domitian!

There are RoJ cards that have amazing synergy in booster draft. I was able to draft Job’s Wife and Bildad. The two of them banded together got me quite a few blocks in one game.

The winner of the draft had a couple really nice things working in his favor. He used Beast from the Sea to manipulate Lost Souls on the table very effectively. He also drafted Every Tribe who was responsible for several of his successful rescues.

I was also lucky enough to get a card from RoJ that stands on it’s own in a limited format – The Ends of the Earth! That was really helpful in the game where Lost Souls were manipulated by Beast from the Sea. But it was good for both Lost Soul generation and digging up one of the 10 or so battle winners that I drafted.


We’re working to add more resources to the Site. One thing you’ll notice right away is a quick reference resource for the Reserve in our sidebar. There’s both a full summary of what the Reserve is and how it works as well as a nice looking sheet you can print out and fill in your Reserve contents for tournament play.

My goal this week is to get the full PDF and Excel lists completed for RoJ.

If there are other resources you’d like to see please reply below to let us know.

We Want to Hear from You!

With so much new happening in the game there’s a lot of unknown information right now. What decks will be best in T1 and T2. What are some of the best strategies for how to use the Reserve. Which cards in RoJ are hidden gems? Which cards that people are excited about will turn out to be a flop?

Land of Redemption is a community driven resource, by the community, for the community. If there’s anything in the game that excites you please write up and article, make a podcast or a short video and share it with us!

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7 thoughts on “Lots of News and RoJ Booster Fun!

  1. Ironisaac

    Splash defenses will be incredibly popular, so i think that a garden tomb deck will be especially powerful this year. Another nice thing for tgt is that John is now white, and there are two new nt white females, so there is lots of fun stuff for them to work with.

    1. Gabe Post author

      I agree! That offense is also really strong against orange which should see a good deal of play this year. Even though there are a few new counters to TGT, the Fortress has become more of a tool for the deck than the central piece.

  2. Ironisaac

    Also, we can now unironically say that job is one of the best offenses in the game.

  3. Justin A.

    At our regular booster draft this past weekend, I realized just how strong The Angel of Might is in booster draft format.

    He was passed to me after the first pick of the RoJ pack and I almost overlooked him because I wasn’t drafting Silver until I realized that didn’t matter…lol

    His site access and potential for negating some ECs is just icing on the cake.

  4. Nathan Levorson

    I am really rooting for a good Lamb’s Righteousness deck to be competitive! Now to figure out just how it would work, hmm.

  5. Derek

    Per the hosting guide, for booster draft, it says at least 6 booster packs (one from each available expansion) must be used for booster. I’m assuming y’all’s booster draft was a casual game and not in tournament? If it was in tournament and the rules have changed I would have totally gone with only Rev of John for the booster at state that I hosted this past weekend.

    1. Gabe Post author

      Great question! If we go strictly by the host guide then card boxes cannot be used at all. Unfortunately that section of the host guide hasn’t been updated since card boxes were released.

      Each year at Nationals the newest set is used for booster draft. That leads me to believe that we are allowed to use card boxes in booster. Rob even gave us permission to announce here on LoR that RoJ can be used in limited formats as soon as you have the product.

      I’m sorry you missed the opportunity to draft RoJ at States. Now you know you can use it in the future!

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