You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary….wait, sorry, wrong topic.

The LEGO Movie jokes aside, today I have the distinct honor of showing off the cards designed by the 3 lucky winners from Nats 2016. Oh, and the remaining 2 ultra rare cards as well!

Designed by: Josh Knitt

Designed by: Gabe Isbell

Designed by: Justin Alstad

There will very likely be articles in the future by each of these guys detailing the process behind their individual cards.


Introducing the newest incarnation of Michael. We haven’t seen him for awhile but he (and his previously spoiled Sword) are back with a vengeance! (not to be confused with the Vengeance of Eternal Fire, though, which also made a return this set)

Rounding out the ultra rares, in his first appearance in the correct brigade and with a shiny border, is a reprint of everyone’s favorite usually-mythical-but-not-in-this-case creature: Red Dragon! Granted, being orange now means his brigade no longer matches his name, but we still have the old versions for that.

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14 thoughts on “YOU are The Special

  1. Ironisaac

    Love the art on Michael! Super exited to use these new cards!

  2. Jonathan Gomez

    Is “bible icon” in ends of the earth gonna change to an actual bible icon from redemption?

    1. Gabe

      No, similar to how Golgotha uses “skull icon” and Bear uses “lamb icon” there were reasons for this card to use “Bible icon”. That’s Josh’s story though.

      1. Zach

        Will we get an explanation on the reasoning behind the use of this wording?

        1. Gabe

          Yes. My guess is that Josh will tell the story of his card. If for some reason he doesn’t one of the elders can share behind the scenes info.

          1. Zach

            Cool, thanks!.. Has there been an explanation of the wording like this on those other cards you mentioned? Or is it all pretty much the same reason?

          2. Gabe

            I believe so. The original preview article for Golgotha probably addressed that card. If Scott hasn’t covered that one yet I’m sure he will soon on a “Throw Back Thursday”. I think the preview article for Bear talked about it too. That’s here on LoR.

          3. Zach

            Can’t find anything that explains those cards…. But this would be so, for example, a dual alignment enhancement is both a “Bible icon card” and “skull icon card,” right? Where “evil enhancement” might not cover those cards?

  3. Nathan Levorson

    Man, these are insane! I especially like how all 3 winner created cards are basically good cards! If only Michael was a rare instead of UR, oh well, He’s super strong and worth the UR spot!

    1. Gabe

      When we started out we were adamant that we wouldn’t make Michael an UR again. But when it cane time to select the URs he seemed like the most appropriate choice because of his power level, his contrast to Red Dragon and as a representation of the sets overall theme.

  4. Derek

    Not Alone is a good counter to Unholy Writ if you have no artifact killer available.

  5. Benjamin Campbell

    I love these, especially ends of the earth and red dragon, wow! But I am very confused by cov. of prayer. Does it “instead” a remove from the game ability? Or can it search through cards that have already been removed? If it can just go through and grab a card that has been banished my question would have to be, What is the point of banishing cards if you start to allow people to get them back? Why not just allow it to get something back from discard? It seems odd to be able to get something back that was removed from the game…

    I’m not trying to be nagative at all, Seriously, I can’t wait to see these new cards being played. I am certainly loving this new set, and can’t wait to get my hands on some of these incredible cards. i think it is another step in the right direction for redemption. Thanks

  6. Josh Knitt

    These cards turned out great- love ’em! Would be pumped to get any of them in booster!

    Rest assured, an in-depth article is on the way. 8)

  7. Jesse

    Benjamin – the elders have said regarding Covenant of Prayer that this might end up being the only card ever printer that is able to get back a banished card. It’s thematically appropriate because through prayer everything is possible with God. Also this is a counter or answer to Confusion as you can get Son of God back. It only is fitting that the very card representing Jesus should not be able to be permanently banished!

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