Revelation of John brings us some fantastic new angel Heroes, Enhancements, and silver support. Here are some angels who are certainly strong!!

The Angelic Army is a great way to strategically target your opponents evil cards in territory. The cost is playing a Dominant in battle, but The Angelic Army can yield a discard 2 with Angel of the Lord pre-block.

Like playing Coliseum? Excited for angel banding? Love Angel’s Sword, but it’s constantly being discarded? Play the new Strong Angel!! He even tosses Haman’s Plot and other CBN Enhancements, plus gains a play first ability when blocked! Talk about epic battles with this guy!

The Angel of Might gives us a Site access and semi fight by the numbers option of negating Evil Characters with X toughness or less. No Uzzah or Firefox blocks when the angel pack is out! By the way.. He can also use any good Enhancement!! Whoa!!

The Guiding Angel is a very good angel for taking an opponent’s star Hero for one round, and allowing them to play any selected brigade! Talk about great options! Your opponent’s Heroes are yours for the taking! Take the one with the most Enhancements placed on them! OR the one with the Sword of the Spirit 😉

When the trumpets sound, the walls will fall! Discard up to 3 sites and/or Fortresses?? It’s armageddon out here! Plus a 3/3 decrease on 3 Evil Characters? Don’t forget, this is CBN and copied immediately on Seven Trumpet Sounders (notice the change in stats from the previously spoiled version)!! Watch out! Definitely one for the reserve.

Dying to play a new silver weapon? Love weapon class Enhancements? Well, it’s here.. Michael’s Sword! First strike, protect souls. Yes, and thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Angels in the House!

  1. Ironisaac

    Love the strong Angel! Might be too op, but I guess we’ll find out how powerful he is this tournament season.

  2. Benjamin Campbell

    The Strong Angel is awesome! Imagine him holding Michael’s Sword.

    15/10 monster who tosses everything…protects lost souls and has first strike…this is insane.

    1. Justin A.

      To be clear, he doesn’t “toss everything” — just wanted to make sure no one got the wrong idea there 🙂

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