Job is a baller Hero and THE Regional promo this year. If you aren’t as excited as I am to play Job then you don’t know PARTY JOB!!

We know Job was a wealthy guy! He was living the dream and more! He had it all, but one day he lost everything! Wow!

This is the Testing of Job. This card is super useful for getting the party started, where’s Job at?? Underdecking your party members including Job’s Wife and Job’s friends, along with Enhancements in your territory (maybe even this one?). Did I forget to mention over 11 turns it will decrease Job to 6/1 where he can easily get initiative? Sweet!

Throughout this testing Job is afflicted. This is Affliction of Job. Not only can this serve as a good or evil battle winner (decrease 16/16 anybody?), it also allows you to find Dust and Ashes!

What is a party without your friends?? Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar offer protection, recursion, and a sweet decrease which can snipe your opponent’s smaller Heroes, or decrease Job to get him closer to playing Job’s Faith! Not to mention all of these guys can band to the big ol Behemoth!

She will tell you what not to do, welcome Job’s Wife! Just imagine the kinds of bands you can top off with her auto blocking big fight by the numbers banding chains 0/12 can stalemate a lot of opponents along with benefitting from the potential protection Eliphaz can provide.

Job brings his wife and friends the truth and they deny him giving him Foolish Advice, a potential discard 5 good cards from opponents hand, ouch!

Fire From Heaven is a phenomenal negate to play with a Job’s Wife topped banding chain. It’s exceptional because it specifically targets any card. Could be one of your cards, any of an opponent’s cards, except a Lost Soul.


Has throne got you down? We all have that drawing addicted friend (me especially being one of these) who knows how to draw half their deck turn 1! Well luckily Fires of Abaddon gives us some soft countering to heavy draw offenses and Mayhem. Super useful underdeck an opponent’s card, similarly to Fire From Heaven, being extremely versatile, not to mention CBN if used by Abaddon 😉

Testing Job really gets him down, but his Affliction is his strength! Just wait til Job is tiny and can play Job’s Faith! Think Job is going to give up on God ? No way! Not at his party!

One thing Job never forgets is how much God loves him and he remains faithful. In the end of Job’s story in the Bible, Job is blessed by God in a far greater way than ever before. In the end, Job’s Faith goes Unthwarted, as in Job’s own confession that the ways of the Lord may not be thwarted!

Be sure to make it to your nearest Regional tournament to pick up a copy of Job and get Party Job started!

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2 thoughts on “Party Job

  1. Ironisaac

    Jobs wife is so powerful! I love more fbtn for brown!

  2. Josh Knitt

    I haven’t used a Job deck since Di was released, but it was fun time then, and it’s a whole lot better now. Although the other promos have already decided my deck this year, I’m glad to see Job decks become viable again!

    Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar (Job’s 3 friends) were the cards I was going to create and spoil as the three winner cards as an April Fool’s joke before I knew they were actually in the set. What happenstance!

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