Throwback Thursday is a common theme on sites and blogs where you hearken back to something interesting or random from the past. On Land of Redemption, our current Throwback Thursday trend is re-posts of preview articles from years and sets past.

This week we continue with the Faith of Our Fathers articles. Enjoy!

Originally Posted By: Bryon | Date: 2007

If you’ve ever watched the Rose Parade, and seen the queen and princesses ride by, you’ve doubtless witnessed the “royal wave”: the slightly cupped hand, the smooth swaying of the wrist, and the ever-so-subtle rotation of the elbow. That’s the royal way, right?

When King David brought the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem, the new capital of Israel, he had a parade. David participated, celebrating along the way. David didn’t do a royal wave. He didn’t wear kingly robes and walk nobly and stately. David danced. He danced before the Lord with all his might. He wasn’t celebrating something silly like a city or roses. He was celebrating the coming of the presence of the holy and all-powerful God into the city.

In Redemption, purple is the brigade for royalty, and the Faith of Our Fathers tins continue that tradition. Here we get a card that is only really useful when used by a royal, but that is not a problem. Most of the Old Testament purple heroes are royal: a number of Kings and Queens, Prince Jonathan, King’s Daughter, etc. Some of these characters are used often, but this card might make some consider a more royal theme to their purple decks. To further encourage royal theme decks, this set also introduces a couple more Purple royals: Mephibosheth and a foreign King.

As long as you have heroes that can use it, a card that interrupts the battle and wins the battle is worth including in a deck. “Interrupt the battle and ignore one Evil Character” is useful against the commonly-used “immune” evil characters, as well as against battle-winning evil characters like Egyptian Warden and the suicide kings: King Zimri and Emperor Otho. Royal Parade is also a good counter to battle-winning evil enhancements, such as captures, discards, etc. My favorite use is after an opponent uses an enhancement like Achan’s Sin, Korah’s Rebellion, or Joseph in Prison. I interrupt the enhancement and my hero ignores the evil character. Result: my hero survives and my opponent’s evil character is removed from the game. The Lost Soul becomes rescued, and I’m one step closer to victory. It almost makes me feel like throwing my own little parade and dancing a merry jig.

David danced as he celebrated the Ark’s entrance into Jerusalem. How much more should we celebrate when Christ answers the invitation to enter a human heart, and a real lost soul is truly saved? The angels rejoice, and so should we. Maybe next time, we should have a parade in Church and dance. At the least we can have joy – and dance on the inside.

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  1. Eric Bittermann

    Hi Scott,

    I used to play Redemption back when it was first released! The game was a formative and inspirational game that helped me design Land of Zion. I’m trying to contact the redemption community online, and let them know about Land of Zion ECG – it’s a brand new expandable card game with Christian themes and scripture on the cards. It uses tactical unit positioning and resource management.

    We just launched the game on Kickstarter Tuesday. Let me know what you think!

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