Throwback Thursday is a common theme on sites and blogs where you hearken back to something interesting or random from the past. On Land of Redemption, we’ve started our Throwback Thursday trend with re-posts of preview articles from years past.

This week we continue with the Priests articles. Enjoy!

Originally Posted By: Bryon | Date: 2006

God hates idolatry. The first two of the Ten Commandments God gave to Israel specified that he alone is to be worshipped, and that no idolatry would be tolerated. But why? What does it matter if we make a little sacrifice to an idol? Other nations do it. All we’d lose is a little food or valuables, right?

Wrong. Idolatry costs more than you think. Idolatry costs communion with God. It costs God’s blessings. It costs the money that we have been entrusted to use wisely. It costs lives. All it yields is more lost people.

It is the same in Redemption. If you place Pagan Sacrifices in your opponent’s territory, it will cost him a card off of the top of his draw pile every turn. The only thing it will yield is another lost soul that he must defend.

This card is another weapon in Gold’s deck-destroying arsenal. Building a deck with Pagan Sacrifices, Egyptian Horsemen and Begging to Go Back (from the 10th Anniversary decks), Stealing (from Angel Wars), and King Shishak (from The Kings) could really hurt an opponent’s deck. There are other gold cards in the Priests that can boost that strategy as well. If you really want to pillage an opponent’s deck, you should complement evil gold with an offense using Gabriel and Mary’s Prophetic Act. Jerusalem Tower would really stop your strategy, but there are a few cards in the Priests that will help this strategy destroy your opponent’s deck despite Jerusalem Tower.

Deck destruction is an indirect form of defense. It can pay off in the long run, providing you discard a card that is key to your opponent’s strategy, or perhaps a dominant or two. It may not be as reliable as some other strategies just yet, but it is a good complement to other gold defenses, and it is fun!

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