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Originally Posted By: Bryon | Date: 2003

When Israel split into two kingdoms, the southern kingdom of Judah kept Jerusalem as its capital.   The northern kingdom had to choose a capital, so they selected Tirzah as the royal city.  Tirzah remained the capital until the fourth dynasty.

While Judah’s kings had only one dynasty – all the kings could trace their ancestry back to King David – the nineteen kings of Israel were from nine different dynasties.  Many of Israel’s kings were assassinated, and the murderer would usually make himself king.

The third dynasty in Israel ended when King Zimri committed suicide.  The military commander, Omri, became king.  He bought a big hill for 150 pounds of silver, and then built a city on the hill.  He named the city Samaria and made it Israel’s new capital.   Samaria remained the capital of Israel until Israel was conquered by the Assyrians in 722 B.C.

King Omri’s son was the famous King Ahab, who married the wicked Jezebel.  Their first son, Ahaziah, succeeded Ahab as king of Israel.  When Ahaziah died, he had no son, so Ahab’s second son Joram became king.  [Note: Joram is sometimes known as Jehoram, but he is not the same person as King Jehoram of Judah.]  During Joram’s reign, God saved Israel from the Arameans (a.k.a. Syrians) who had besieged Samaria.  Despite the miracle, Joram continued to do evil in the sight of the Lord.

In Redemption, the kings of Israel from the same dynasty are grouped together in a brigade.  Consecutive dynasties are never in the same brigade, so that a king is never in the same brigade as the man who assassinated him.  If a king assassinated his predecessor, that is part of his special ability (as you can see on King Zimri and King Pekah).  Here’s a list of the dynasties, and the brigades in which they are found:

1st dynasty (2 kings):     Brown
2nd dynasty (2 kings):    Gold
3rd dynasty (King Zimri only): Crimson
4th dynasty (Omri, Ahab, Ahaziah, Joram): Brown
5th dynasty (5 kings): Black
6th dynasty (1 king): Crimson
7th dynasty (2 kings): Gray
8th dynasty (King Pekah only): Crimson
9th dynasty (1 king): Gray

King Omri gives a great boost to Brown site decks.  His ability to pull Samaria out of your draw pile each time he blocks is great, but the second sentence of his ability is even better: Land Purchase cannot be negated.

Land Purchase lets you search your draw pile for any single-color lost soul site and put it in play, then put a lost soul in it immediately.  This can change a rescue attempt into a battle challenge, and usually does not transfer initiative back to your opponent.  King Omri’s ability to use it without it being negated is very helpful against by the numbers heroes.

Ahab is available in the limited and unlimited edition blue boosters, as well as in the Second Edition Starter Deck (deck D).  Ahaziah is available in The Prophets.  Neither is reprinted in The Kings.

Once you have a Samaria site in play, Omri’s grandson King Joram can benefit.  Every time you put him in battle you can draw a card.  If you are able to use his ability 3 times in a game, you are one turn closer to your Son of God or other card you need.

Brown is a fun brigade, and these cards make it even more fun.  Here is an evil side to a deck that uses these three cards:

Samaria x3

*King Omri
*King Joram
King Saul
Angry Mob
Beast from the Earth (10/10)
Wicked Thief

*Land Purchase
Korah’s Rebellion
Dungeon of Malchiah
Paul’s Girdle
Mask of Arrogance
Gibeonite Trickery
Destruction of Athaliah (target: King David!)
Haman’s Plot

Esau can band to any of the three evil characters listed above him. Esau, Angry Mob, and Beast from the Earth are the big-numbered characters.   Joram and the 3 low-numbered characters at the bottom of the list should gain the initiative to play Jealousy.   Jealousy and Korah’s Rebellion could take out two access sites.

A Red/Gold/Blue conversion and site-killing deck with mainly Gold heroes plus Soldier of God, Lazarus, Claudia, and Three Nails might be a good pairing for this evil side.  Three Nails affects none of the evil characters in this deck except Beast from the Earth.  The good enhancements should include Baptism, Power of the Cross, the three Gold converts, Vengeance of Eternal Fire, Jacob’s Dream, and a Jael’s Nail and Furnace of God’s Wrath.  Gideon’s Call and/or Coat of Many Colors could help the characters and enhancements match a little sooner.  Battle Prayer can get back what is needed, depending on the type of deck the opponent is using.

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