Join us for episode 2 of Grill Gabe and The Guardian!

In this episode we answer questions submitted by Noah as well as challenge one another with a question.

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8 thoughts on “Grill Gabe and The Guardian – Episode #2

  1. Scott

    Another great episode! Thanks Gabe and Justin for doing these podcasts. 🙂

  2. Jonathan Gomez

    I’m wondering if we could ever have a nats where you could play t1 tp and t2 tp and not have to pick one or the other.

    1. Justin A.

      That was done in 2009 when Nationals was in California. It has not happened since then.

  3. Will

    What happens if you have an angel with angel’s sword blocked by an evil character with something like two thousand horses

    1. Justin A.

      The Evil Character will be able to draw two and play the next enhancement. After that enhancement completes, the Hero with Angel’s Sword would be able to play an enhancement.

  4. Benjamin Campbell

    Loved listening to you guys, thanks for taking the time to do these. One question I have is why not make it so that there is the opportunity to play both. Something along the lines of, (Thurs) Booster Draft / Sealed, (Fri) type 1-2 player/ type 2-multi, and (Sat) Type 2-2 player/ type 1 multi? I would definitely like to try out type 2 in a competitive setting, but I’m not willing to skip type 1-2 player and multi-player is for people who worship chaos.

    While the proposed schedule may not work, Isn’t there a realistic schedule that could allow for more options without increasing the number of days involved in nationals? I think it would be good for the growth of Type 2.

  5. Patrick Watertor

    I played against someone at Nats who was playing Jericho and it was one of those cards where I couldn’t do as much as I was hoping and was not overly prepared to deal with it. Definitely a strong card in this meta. I’ll be curious if it will still be as relevant next Nats (if a new set will drop before).

  6. Justin A.

    Where does TEAMS fit in? 🙂

    Changing the order of events is always a possibility, but one of the main goals is to have events paired up that will end around the same time each day.

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