Hey guys, Justin “The Guardian” Alstad here and I’m back with a couple of new series that I’ll be doing for Land of Redemption!

First up will be a series I’m calling “Redemption Express Interviews: Player Interviews in 10 Questions or Less”. In this series I will do interviews with various players and hosts from all around the country and hopefully with some of our players from abroad as well. This will be a great way for players to learn more about other players they’ve only heard about. If you would like to submit questions for me to ask post them in the comments below!

The second series I’m calling “Grill Gabe and The Guardian.” In this series Gabe and I will give our respective takes on any Redemption-related questions you might have! Wondering what we think are the best cards from the most recent sets? Ask away! Interested in knowing about our toughest games at Nationals, or what we think will be the dominant decks at this year’s Nationals? Submit your questions to Gabe or Scott and we’ll pick a few each month to answer. Over the years as Gabe and I have gotten to know each other we’ve found there’s a lot we agree on when it comes to Redemption…but there’s also plenty of things that we see differently! Who knows, there may even be some prize drawings for those whose questions are picked each month…stay tuned on that one.

The current plan is to do each of these once a month, but if we receive a lot of positive feedback we can certainly look into doing them more frequently!

Hoping to have both of these series rolling in the next couple weeks so be sure to check back here on Land of Redemption soon!

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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon to Land of Redemption: 2 New Series by The Guardian

  1. Wyatt_Marcum

    How do you choose who you are going to interview? is it kinda random, or do you have a list of people you plan to interview? (I kinda want to be interviewed, really. lol)

  2. Justin A.

    I have a list in mind, it’s not set in stone, but there’s definitely a few individuals I hope to get.

    I may try and do several “questionnaire” interviews at Nationals–I’ll give people a sheet of questions and they can answer and give back to me at some point during the tournament.

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