Welcome back to Drafting with Drrek.  This week we will be looking at the Prophets expansion.

  1. Furnace of God’s Wrath – Battle winner, and able to discard a pesky Evil Character from each of your other opponents’ as well.
  2. Baggage – A strong offensive battle winner.  Not much else to day, but great include.
  3. Cup of Wrath – With careful choosing of who you bring into the side battle, this can be a powerful battle winner that eliminates multiple opponent Evil Characters at once.
  4. Dungeon of Malchiah – Like Baggage but for defense.  Plenty strong on defense as it was for offense.
  5. Isaiah – The green brigade prophet with the biggest numbers in the set.  Being a green brigade prophet is strong in itself, but in addition you could pull a Seraph with a Live Coal or an Isaiah’s Call from your Tin or The Early Church (TEC) pack to make him even better.
  6. Moses – Clearly not as strong as his Warriors version, but still has all the benefits listed for the judges in the unlimited tier list, plus he has better numbers, gets name on name with Covenant with Moses and can be searched/banded to off Transfiguration.
  7. Great Image – Nuking all of your opponents’ Heroes at the right moment can obviously be quite game-turning in booster.
  8. Hunger – A powerful AoE battle winner for defense, extensively damaging your opponent’s territory as well as the Heroes in battle.
  9. Lies – Choosing your opponent’s Hero is a powerful ability since they can’t negate the ability with the Hero you sent out of battle.  This can quite easily win you the battle.
  10. Paul’s Girdle – An acceptable battle winner, returning the rescuing Hero to hand.
  11. False Prophesy – Not the most versatile battle winner, as many of the best Heroes in the game are prophets, but it is still a battle winner against a good number of Heroes in the game.
  12. The Watchman – All the benefits of a green brigade prophet, and decent offensive numbers with 8 attack.
  13. Agabus – Green brigade prophet, and also N.T. so he can be banded to by Disciples Simeon and use Baptism of Jesus.
  14. Amos – another no special ability green brigade prophet, with a decent strength value of 6.
  15. Zechariah – Last of the green brigade prophets in the set, and the one with the worst numbers.
  16. Daniel – Decent numbers and can be banded to by Meshach and Abednego from Faith of our Fathers.
  17. John – Not the greatest numbers, but being a purple disciple can be useful for cards like A New Commandment and Sons of Thunder.
  18. Simeon – Being a gold Luke Hero, he can use Meeting the Messiah and Repentance and Restitution if you draft them.  He also has better numbers than most of the Heroes left in the set.
  19. The False Prophet – Fantastic numbers on defense, and both a magician for things like Magic Charms, and a heretic to be banded to off Creeping Deceiver or healed by Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.
  20. River Flowing from the Temple – Banding in a second Hero can be a battle winner and is definitely worth including in your deck.
  21. Two Olive Branches – Similar to above, but you can only band in a gold Hero, weakening it somewhat.
  22. Ezekiel – Has the priest identifier, so can be searched for off of Perpetual Priesthood.
  23. John the Baptist – Decent offensive strength of 7, and is N.T. so can be banded to by Simeon.
  24. Anna – Can be banded to by Simeon as well as a N.T. prophet.
  25. Philip’s Daughters – Like Anna but slightly worse numbers.
  26. Jeremiah – Strongest numbers of any Hero left in the set.
  27. Jonah, Malachai, Elisha, Huldah – All 7/5 Heroes with nothing special about them relative to each other.  Pick based on desired brigade.
  28. Habakkuk, Gad – 6/3 Heroes with no special identifiers to distinguish them.  Pick based on brigade.
  29. Hosea – Not strong numbers, but Gomer can be negated if you have him in play for what it’s worth.
  30. Zephaniah – Just a 5/4 blue Hero with not much special about him.
  31. Witch of Endor – A magician, so she can use Magic Charms and be banded to by King Manasseh, and also pale green so she can use Magicians’ Snakes and Divination.
  32. Wizards – Same as Witch of Endor, but slightly worse numbers.
  33. Nebuchadnezzar – Better numbers than most evil characters in the set, plus is a crimson Babylonian for cards like Drawn Sword, Forest Fire and Carried into Exile.
  34. Astrologers – Also magicians to benefit off cards listed earlier, and gold, so they can use Magicians’ Snakes.
  35. Belshazzar – crimson Babylonian like Nebuchadnezzar, but with worse numbers.
  36. Balaam, Damsel with Spirit of Divination, Enchanter, Users of Curious Arts – All 6/7 magicians, choose based on brigade.
  37. Chaldeans – magicians with slightly worse numbers than those above them.
  38. Manasseh – magician like those above him, but worse numbers.
  39. Workers with Familiar Spirits – Pale green magician like Witch of Endor and Wizards mentioned above, but with far worse numbers.
  40. Prince of Persia – Pale green 6/6 demon that can be banded to by The Bear and the Ram with Two Horns.
  41. Prophets of Baal, Prophets of Samaria – Both 6/7 Evil Characters, pick based on brigade.
  42. Ahaziah – Brown 5/7 Evil Character with nothing much special about him.
  43. Lion Dwelling with the Calf – Not a battle winner in and of itself, as the opponent can just present a new blocker, it can still kick out a character in an evil band, or send back a particularly troubling Evil Character, so it can be worth using.
  44. Wheel Within a Wheel – Exchanging to a stronger hero can definitely win you the battle, but this is far from a guaranteed battle winner.
  45. The Branch – Increasing a character’s stats at the right time can win you a numbers battle, but this is not a reliable battle winner.
  46. Den of Robbers – Evil banding can often be a battle winner just like good banding, though this card is limited in only being able to bring in a gold Evil Character.
  47. Ram with Two Horns – Same as Den of Robbers, but requiring you to play it on a gold character and banding to a black character is more restrictive because you may not want to run both brigades.
  48. False Prophets, Shemaiah – Both 4/4 Evil Characters, and thus pretty weak.  Pick based on needed brigade.
  49. Ignorance – Decreasing all Heroes in play 4/4 can definitely be helpful in a numbers battle, and can take out all your opponents’ tiny Heroes.
  50. False Peace – Searching for anything can be pretty versatile, though it still doesn’t win you the battle, and in booster it is harder to have a single card that is very important to search out.
  51. Four Horns, Torn Mantle  – Discarding all good banding cards can actually be a battle winner, as any Heroes with banding abilities will be taken out with it.
  52. Valley of Dry Bones – There is some utility here getting back important Heroes you have lost, but it does nothing proactive to win you the battle you are in, and likely is not to be worth it.
  53. Wall of Fire – Situational ignore means that this card is not consistent, but not useless.
  54. Forest Fire – Another situational ignore, but this one only ignores one brigade making it weaker.
  55. Elisha’s Bones – A heal and increase can be marginally useful, but probably won’t make it into your deck.
  56. Manasseh’s Alter – A situational ignore on the evil side this time.  Still pretty situational.
  57. Sun Worship – Being multicolor means you can throw it in as filler into any deck. Only numbers, but there are definitely worse things you could include in your deck.
  58. Live Coal, Mountain of God, Arrow of Deliverance, Hammer of God – All 4/2 Good Enhancements.  Unlikely to make it into your deck, but pick based on brigade.
  59. Measuring Line, Drawn Sword, Floating Ax Head, Golden Lampstand –  All 3/2 Good Enhancements.  Unlikely to make it into your deck, but pick based on brigade.
  60. Stone Cut Without Hands – The Great Image card will not pop up in enough of your booster games for this card to be worth it in your deck.
  61. Hinds’ Feet – A 3/1 Good Enhancement and unlikely to get in your deck.
  62. Filthy Garments – Behaves like a 4/4 evil Enhancement in a numbers battle since it decreases their side by that much, with the slim chance of being a battle winner if they happen to be coming at you with a very small Hero.
  63. Ashtaroth Worship – Just a 3/3 evil Enhancement, unlikely to make the cut.
  64. Razor – A 2/1 Good Enhancement, generally not worth playing.
  65. Confusion – Booster draft decks will generally not have as super important cards to discard like constructed decks, so this card is worth a lot less in booster, though you can still hit important things sometimes.
  66. False Dreams – It can be beneficial to mess up the next player if they are in the lead, but this card does not win you the battle, and can be hard to use properly.
  67. Yoke of Iron – Discarding two good enhancements can be beneficial in a number battle, but generally not worth it.
  68. Strange Vines, The Girdle – 2/4 evil Enhancements, probably not worth it.
  69. First Figs, Paintings of Abominations – 1/4 evil Enhancements, again not worth it.
  70. The Flying Scroll – Just a 3/3 evil Enhancement.
  71. Woman in the Ephah – Marginal benefit if played against red, but still not worth a deck slot.
  72. Goat with Horn, Bad Figs, Weeping for Tammuz – 2/3 evil Enhancements, still not worth it.
  73. Vain Vision – Marginal benefit if you can play it against a prophet, but not worth a deck slot.
  74. Image of Jealousy – 1/3 evil Enhancement, pretty useless.
  75. False Wisdom – Gaining the knowledge of what is in another player’s hand is useful, but this card doesn’t do anything really proactive for you.
  76. Highway – While you may occasionally be able to save an important Hero, its much more important to try to win a battle than to flee from it.
  77. Iron Pan, Potter and Clay – As discussed in the unlimited tier list, set asides to gain 1/1 a turn are not worth the investment.
  78. Charred Vine – Five turns is far too great an investment for just an increase in stats.
  79. The Vineyard – Much like the other set-aside increases, this is not worth it, and hurts your offense even more as it takes all of your purple guys out.
  80. Covenant with Death, Large Tree, Molech Worship – Set asides to gain 1/1 a turn aren’t worth it on defense either.
  81. Baal Worship – Protection from conversion is not worth playing as an Enhancement in battle or including in your deck.
  82. Molten Calf Worship – Like all the set asides to increase, this is not worth it and takes your Evil Character out for 5 turns, a large investment for small gain.

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  1. Gabe

    Another great overview, Blake. I’m really glad you’re doing these. They are a great tool for people who enjoy drafting or want to learn to draft.

    #41 Prophets of Baal might move up the list a little bit if you’re drafting Tins or Early Church. The Jezebel reprint found in those packs can band him.

    #48 False Prophets goes well with a rare capture in the Priests set, Deadly Snare. Since it’s not very likely to show up, that probably doesn’t change his value.

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