At 2015 Nationals, Rob offered an amazing prize for whomever won T1-2P, T2-2P, and Booster Draft: the ability to design a Redemption card that would be printed in an official set. While the usual balancing and playtesting would, of course, be done with the cards, they would be kept as close to the intent of the creator as possible.

Those 3 cards are being released in Cloud of Witnesses this year with a card frame variant to make them feel extra special. While each of the creators will be writing a more in-depth article about their own card, the playtesters have allowed me to spoil the cards ahead of time for everyone to see. Enjoy!


Designed by Daniel Huisinga



Designed by Justin Alstad



Designed by John Earley


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5 thoughts on “Nats Winner Creations (**SPOILERS**)

  1. John David Cunningham

    Siiicckk!!!! Best spoilers yet!! Shout outs to the winners for great card designs! Wooo these look amazing!

  2. Ironisaac

    Love the abilities on the cards! one small detail that doesn’t totally matter, but on word of their testimonies, i think the title should be shrunk down one font size to give it a little space from the icon box. Confusion is going to be SUPER devastating!

  3. Jesse

    Wow these are going to shake up the game for real! CBN has been the closest thing to unstoppable and that just changed with Coliseum, which also severely punishes Armor of God decks – the other and most current version of what’s “unstoppable” in Redemption!

    Confusion is going to be amazing in Type 2!!! Going against a Judges deck? Let’s remove ALL your Sam’s Edicts with my first copy and ALL your Deb’s Directives with your second copy! Whatever offense or defense you’re going against, they are probably running 4 copies of their best battlewinners – Seized by Rioters for Greeks, Stone of Thebez for Canaanites, Balaam’s Disobedience for Gray, Bravery of David for Red, etc. etc. etc…to be able to straight up remove ALL copies from the game is SO strong! Not to mention you could choose dominants instead, or whatever card is the one card you just don’t have an answer for in your deck. It’s awesome because it’s going to force players to use a more diverse lineup in their deck-building, bringing up the value of lesser-used and older cards that can still be situationally awesome! Genius card – great job John!

    And Word of their Testimony is awesome – based on one of my favorite verses. Love the versatility!

    Great job, guys!!

  4. Jonathan Gomez

    Coliseum plus horses plus pain or three crosses is crazy.

  5. Slugfencer

    I hope these gentleman can make more cards and will also be on the card development team……

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