What? Land of Redemption is posting new content on the weekend? Well, I thought we’d drop another cloud Hero on our faithful readers!

We’re all familiar with Joseph from Faith of Our Fathers. He’s a staple in every Genesis offense, right? Does this new version present deck builders with a choice that could make them abandon the old staple? You be the judge!


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4 thoughts on “***Saturday Spoiler!***

  1. Ironisaac

    I like this Joseph a lot better with the protect and cbn modifier on most of a Genesis offense. And… He can also use… CREATION OF THE WORLD! ;D

    1. Wyatt_Marcum

      people will dispise you if you play that. and I will laugh. lol. but please, do. I wanna play against it.

  2. Jay Chambers

    I’m not impressed. Joseph was good because he granted CBN enhancements. Now if this set punishes that, then this card is playable.

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