Welcome back to Drafting with Drrek where this time we take a look at Kings, a set with a lot of cards, and a lot of great characters.

  1. Captain of the Host – If there is a FBTN character in your pack you take it, no excuses. The best numbers of the FBTN heroes, and has a couple of guys who can end their band chains in him, but he does let opponent evil characters band, which is a real downside.
  2. The Strong Angel – Second best FBTN hero numbers.
  3. Benaiah – Another FBTN hero. Benaiah gets synergy with Benaiah Snatches a Spear as well, but that’s a pretty sweet enhancement, so it might not get passed to you.
  4. Ira – Yet another FBTN hero. Always first pick.
  5. Michael – Great numbers, and making all your enhancements CBN is a great ability. Great first pick.
  6. Shamhuth – Not quite FBTN, but pretty close, and still an automatic first pick.
  7. Gabriel – Great numbers, and an ability that lets you scout a deck and weaken a defense. Great first pick.
  8. Israelite Archer – Great banding ability, letting you steal offenses, and his second ability can get whatever that evil character you need out of the way out of the way. Steller card.
  9. Abishai – Great piece in a red warriors deck. Great ability, solid numbers and has warrior class. The band is a little limited because it needs red, but this guy is still going to be a good pick.
  10. Angel of Might – Very beefy, and with a monster of an ability for booster. This guy is amazing in numbers battles, and he dodges a fair bit of removal since he’s an angel. Always feel good taking this guy.
  11. King Jehoshaphat – Not quite as beefy as Angel of Might, but he’s red warrior class which is good, and the first strike is just as good on him as it is on the angel.
  12. Maharai – His ability is very good, there will almost always be a band target, and can let you steal opposing offenses.
  13. Helez – Same as Mahari but with slightly worse numbers.
  14. Paying Tribute – Gives a little card advantage to the opponent, but it’s a solid battle winner and a strong pick.
  15. Sword against Sword – This is a battle-winner if you know how to use side battles properly. A great enhancement with bonus CBN on one of the main themes of its brigade.
  16. Sword of the Lord – Same as Sword Against Sword, but without the CBN clause, though it is fun when you get that rare case of actually hitting a Leviathan.
  17. Benaiah Snatches a Spear – A CBN Negate is great, and it even adds some additional numbers to your side. A great enhancement.
  18. Provisions – It’s a delayed battle winner, but a very strong one, and it has a bonus draw tacked onto it.
  19. Might of Angels – A battle winner only against N.T. characters, but it takes out all of them. Be careful that it takes out yours as well, but it’s worth it if it wins the battle.
  20. Struck with Blindness – The bad news is, this battle-winner has a condition. The good news is the condition matches half the evil characters in the game. You shouldn’t have a problem finding a target for this, so it’s a solid card, but it’s unreliability will hurt it.
  21. Glittering Sword – Everything that goes for Struck with Blindness goes for this, except this permanently removes the evil character which is a plus, but it only hits one evil character which is a negative.
  22. King Hezekiah – Great numbers, a potentially relevant immune ability, and if you are tin drafting or pull Isaiah from an early church pack, he’s incredible. All this adds up to one very good hero.
  23. King Amaziah – If you have an evil King of Israel or two, then his ability is basically a battle winner, which is very strong. His numbers are good anyway, so he’s a good pick even if you don’t have any.
  24. King Saul – Can be searched of the RoA Samuel, is in the right brigade for kings, is a prophet and has great numbers. All around a good card.
  25. Adino – If you have a red spear weapon already picked, this guy is a snap pick. The spears aren’t highly picked in general, so if there is one going around at the table, you can often get it. Without the spear, Adino becomes a more vanilla hero, but his numbers are fine, and he has warrior class. If you can get a spear or two, he’s incredible.
  26. Prince Jonathan – Royalty in the right brigade, but note that he’s not a king. Good numbers, and a decent band ability. Solid card.
  27. Elhanan – Ability is super situational, but you really can’t ask for more on the numbers. A great beefy hero.
  28. Battle Prayer – Recurs a battle winner, or pulls one out of your deck if you haven’t played one yet. Really good enhancement.
  29. United Army – A mass band is a good battle-winner, and, while this is a somewhat limited mass band, it’s still good.
  30. King Zimri – A character with a built in battle winner is always great, though you do have to have a crimson enhancement that you are ok with chucking at the time. Still a great evil character.
  31. David (Green) – If you are tin drafting, this guy is absurd for the Samuel tin, and he turns on bravery from the canaanite tin. He’s also a green brigade prophet, and there are several enhancements his ability lets him use. He has great offensive numbers. Solid card.
  32. David (Red) – Works well with the same tins his green counterpart does. Red warrior class for the cards that can band to, or be played off those. Same numbers as the green one, the two are about the same power level, just depends on which brigades your in.
  33. King Josiah – Ability is irrelevant, but he’s a king in the right brigade with monster numbers, so he’s still solid.
  34. Flaming Sword -This is the same as the three cards that follow it in the rankings, but it has slightly better numbers. Still just choose your negates based on the brigade you are in.
  35. Five Smooth Stones – Another negate, better numbers than Bow and Arrow or Ehud’s Dagger.
  36. Bow and Arrow – A solid enhancement, negates are good.
  37. Ehud’s Dagger – Same as Bow and Arrow. Simply pick based on what brigade you are in.
  38. Courage – A band will often win a battle. Not much else to say, but a good pick.
  39. Dissuading Speech – Choose the rescuer is a strong battle winning ability in booster. Simply a really good evil enhancement.
  40. Archers of Kedar – Turns out Israelite Archer’s ability is good on an evil character just like it is on a hero. Heroes end up more valuable than evil characters in booster, but this guy is still very solid.
  41. Evil Spirit – A CBN battle winner is always welcome, though this only hits half the heroes in the game. It is still a very solid pick.
  42. Devourer – Great negate type effect that gets to take out the numbers of all the enhancements too. Very good pick.
  43. Hopper LS – This card is very good. Free soul gen is always good.
  44. King Sennacherib – CBN first strike on a 9/7 is very good.
  45. King So – Another 9/7 first striker. His CBN condition is unlikely to fire, but it is useful to have the first strike for all Egyptians in the case of a band.
  46. Abner – First strike and great numbers is always good. Solid evil character.
  47. King Pekah – Another first striker, but he can also pull out a weapon if you can find a good crimson one, of which there is only really swift horses right now.
  48. King Jehoash – Abner with -1/-1 on the stats. Quite solid anyway.
  49. Egyptian Archer – A little worse than Archers of Kedar, because of the more limited band, but these guys are still very solid.
  50. Syrian Archer – Same as Egyptian Archer, except syrians are currently a little worse than Egyptians.
  51. Syrian Victory – A solid battle winner, though it does generate a soul for your opponents.
  52. Shimei’s Malicious Curse – FBTN enhancements are strong, so this is a good pick.
  53. Recruiting Officer – Site access is good, the second ability is soul generation, but two other people get shots at that soul before you, so it’s not the strongest. Warrior class, and red is the best brigade for warrior class. Reasonable hero.
  54. War Officer – Same as recruiting officer but with slightly worse offensive numbers.
  55. King Joash – Site access is a decent ability, good numbers and is warrior class. The immune ability is unlikely to come up. All around solid.
  56. King Asa – Site access is relevant, he has good numbers and warrior class. Solid pick.
  57. Angel of the Waters – Protection from capture isn’t the strongest on angels, since premier captures like Unholy Writ can’t hit them anyway, but it is still a relevant ability, and his numbers are decent.
  58. Angel of His Presence – Draw is less strong in booster compared to constructed, but the numbers are still solid, and he might topdeck you into that card you need. There are better cards, but he’s still a fine mid-pack pick.
  59. King Azariah (Uzziah) – Ability is absurdly situational, luckily the downside ability is also really situational and unlikely to come up. He’s a king in the right brigade, and is warrior class with decent numbers.
  60. Tola – Decent numbers, ability isn’t the best but is still useful and he’s a judge in the right brigade for judges. Fine pick.
  61. Ahimaaz – Solid ability, but his numbers are rather bad. Not a bad pick, but there are many heroes in the set better than him.
  62. Spy – Same as Ahimaaz but with worse numbers.
  63. Ittai – Ability is generally not going to matter, but if you see a david passing around the table, you might be able to snatch him up for a band target. His numbers are good and he is warrior class.
  64. Abiezer – Decent offensive numbers, warrior class for banding and weapons, and a situational, but relevant ability. A solid pick if you need a blue guy.
  65. Jashobeam – His ability basically means he’s a 7-5, which is pretty good numbers. If you have a red banding offense, he’s a pretty decent end to the chain.
  66. Eleazer – Ability isn’t too relevant, but he has good strength and is warrior class, so he’s still solid.
  67. Woman of Wisdom – Her ability isn’t likely to work, but the numbers are fine, so she’s fine filler.
  68. Saint of Virtue – The ability doesn’t really work with the new armor enhancements, but it can still work for some of the older ones. Numbers are fine, so the card is fine.
  69. Ambush the City – It won’t win you the battle, but it will give you a second chance to do so, so you’ll probably end up playing this card.
  70. Words of Encouragement – An interrupt, draw, play next, is always a solid pick.
  71. King Saul’s Jealousy – A solid battle winner against most heroes.
  72. Bearing Bad News – A good battle winner that is hard to negate, though you can’t use it on generic characters.
  73. The Acts of Solomon – Pulls out a battle winner from your deck each time you draw it, though you do have to have a good number of good battle winners for this to work consistently.
  74. Help from Heaven – Similar to The Acts of Solomon, but is weaker because you can’t use it multiple times a game. Additionally it passes initiative in a stalemate unlike Acts of Solomon. Still pretty decent.
  75. Lahmi – Great numbers and a philistine band isn’t unlikely. Simply a good evil character.
  76. Saph – Same as Lahmi, but in gray. Just choose between them based on brigade.
  77. King Tiglath-Pileser III – Great numbers, in the right brigade for Assyrians and a decent payoff for winning a battle getting rid of someone’s strongest hero.
  78. Ishbibenob – Great numbers, and there is a real chance someone will have a warrior class philistine for a band target. Solid beefy wall regardless.
  79. King Zechariah – Great numbers, and conversion protection is solid.
  80. Nebuzaradan – Ability is really unlikely to trigger, but he has great numbers and is in the right brigade for babylonians.
  81. King Shalmaneser V – Great numbers, not really much else. In the right brigade for Assyrians.
  82. The Rabshakeh – Slightly worse numbers than King Shalmaneser V. Also in the right brigade for Assyrians. Ability is unlikely to work, but isn’t worthless.
  83. Rezin Arises – Banding is often battle winning, so this quite a solid card.
  84. Two Thousand Horses – Interrupt, draw, play next cards are always solid, and this one can stick on a warrior class character making it more solid.
  85. Tekoan Woman – Bad numbers, but the ability is ok. There are better heroes.
  86. Elon – Ability is very situational, but it can surprise hit someone if they picked some multi-brigade evil characters. He’s a gold judge, which can be relevant for things like the tin angels and some enhancements.
  87. Jair – Decent numbers, in the wrong brigade for judges. A decent filler hero.
  88. Shammah – Numbers aren’t the greatest, but they are still reasonable. Filler, but fine.
  89. King Rehoboam – A fun ability, can get rid of some annoying opponents’ heroes, or can let you activate some positive hero abilities, and he has decent numbers.
  90. Sisera – CBN enhancements against a fair number of heroes in the game is good if unreliable. In the right brigade for canaanites with decent numbers.
  91. Israel Pays Tribute – A solid negate, though it adds card advantage for the opponent.
  92. Dart – It’s not the most reliable battle winner, but this is making most of the decks that I draft it in.
  93. King Ben-Hadad I – It’s too bad this ability only works if you’ve already won the battle, but it is a pretty strong one. Good numbers and reasonable ability adds up to a solid evil character.
  94. Amasa – Band is unlikely, 8/8 is good numbers.
  95. King Shishak – Good numbers, in the right brigade for egyptians. Ability isn’t good, but it’s not worthless.
  96. King Rezin – Bands that target specific characters tend to not be strong, and you are unlikely to have a Damascus. He is in the right brigade for syrians.
  97. Pharaoh Neco – Good numbers, situational ability, right brigade for egyptians.
  98. King Jehoram – Good defensive numbers, an unlikely band, solid evil character.
  99. King Ahaz – Abilities are both very situational, but 7/7 is solid enough numbers for him to be fine.
  100. King Jeroboam I – Another 7/7 with a situational ability.
  101. King Jehoahez (Israel) – Protection from capture is solid, though not the most likely to come up. Decent numbers, so he’s fine.
  102. King Menahem – Decent ability, decent numbers, decent card.
  103. King Jehoiakim – Hand scouting is nice. Decent numbers. Fine evil character.
  104. King Jehu – His offensive numbers can get quite large, but that would be better on a hero than an evil character. His discard ability is unlikely to trigger.
  105. King Abijah – Unfortunately on cards like this, the opponent will always pick the option which hurts them the least, so his ability isn’t as strong as it should be. Even so, he’s a fine enough evil character if you are in crimson.
  106. Absalom – There are a few targets for the band, but he’s most often going to be a vanilla evil character with decent filler numbers.
  107. King Omri – If you have a Samaria, the payoff is ok, but not great. Fine defensive numbers anyway.
  108. King Hoshea – Protection from conversion is a pretty real ability. His numbers are sub-par, but he’s a fine enough evil character.
  109. King Ahaziah – Another character who might as well be vanilla, though at least he’s in the right brigade for evil kings. You know the drill, fine if you are in brown.
  110. King Saul (evil) – If you get one of his band targets he’s better, but he has numbers that aren’t great for an evil character. He can be searched out by the RoA Samuel, and is the right brigade for evil royalty.
  111. King Joram – Ability isn’t good, basically just a 5/5 king in the right brigade for that.
  112. Absalom’s Soldiers – And here’s an Absolom band target. You’re rarely going to get 2 Absolom’s Soldiers, so their band is unlikely to pay off. Hitting David is also an unlikely but possible prospect. In the end, evaluate these guys as a 5/4 vanilla character unless you already have an Absolom or more soldiers.
  113. King Jeroboam II – Ability is not going to work, just a vanilla 4/5 really. He is evil royalty in the correct brigade for that.
  114. King Nadab – If you have a Jeroboam I, he’s great, and he’s in the right brigade for evil kings. Otherwise, he’s just a vanilla 3/5.
  115. Sheba – Will generally just be a vanilla 3/6 filler character.
  116. King Amon – If you have a Mannaseh, this guy is actually really good. That’s a somewhat big if though, so he’s usually just a low end filler character.
  117. David’s Victory – Warrior class evil characters are relatively common, but this is still a situational battle-winner. It might make it into your deck, but there are better cards.
  118. Valley of Salt – Same as David’s Victory, a decent situational battle-winner, but with worse numbers.
  119. Faith of David – Similar to David’s Victory, but actually removing the Evil Character is better than just being immune to them. The play next doesn’t really earn it favors, because you want to be winning the battle with this.
  120. David’s Sling – A first strike card can win the battle, but it’s not as strong as an actual battle winner.
  121. Stronger than Men – This card is crazy on the numbers, it will almost always be an 8/8. It’s almost like banding in a sizeable hero, but without forcing multiple targets into battle.
  122. Siege – It takes work to make this a battle winner, but it can happen especially early in a game.
  123. King Basha – Bad abilities, bad numbers, only useful as a body.
  124. Fallen Warrior – I’ve had one of these guys reach absolutely massive numbers before, but that’s the fun fringe case not the norm. He’s still a black Philistine which is relevant, and fine if you just need a black evil character.
  125. Abner’s Spear – If you have some warrior class brown characters, you can keep this up to threaten a battlewinner against small heroes, or you can use it as a conditional battle winner. It’s not the strongest, but it can be playable.
  126. The Long Day – Gives you another chance to rescue in a turn, so it can absolutely be worth it. Won’t make every deck, but will make some.
  127. Victory – Demons are fairly common, so it’s not a super situational ability, but it’s still fairly situational. When it works though it is a battle winner.
  128. Book of Hozai – A draw play next is fine, but it doesn’t interrupt so it isn’t as good as the normal fare for those.
  129. Answered Prayer – Permanent increase is useful, and you can put it all into offense. One of the best numbers enhancements you are likely to find.
  130. The Testimony – Same as answered prayer, but in blue.
  131. Queen Maachah – Awful numbers, very situational abilities, only take if you really need some crimson characters.
  132. Ahithophel – Terrible numbers and a very situational band. If you just need some more gray characters you might take him.
  133. Lost Soul (Shuffler) – Don’t be afraid to take souls over higher rated cards if there is nothing in your brigades in the pack. This soul gives you control of the souls on the board better than most cards can.
  134. Lost Soul (*/4) – Most heroes have access to this, but it does lock out some good heroes, and it basically limits your opponent’s options essentially for free.
  135. Lost Soul (Site Doubler) – This soul is only good if you have sites, but it’s fine if you have some.
  136. Josiah’s Covenant – Protecting your heroes from opponent battle shenanigans can be helpful, and the numbers are decent if you absolutely need it for battle, but it’s not a high pick.
  137. Raiders’ Camp – If you have a good number of captures this card can be really good, but you are unlikely to have enough to make this work.
  138. Asherah Pole – It’s symmetrical, but you do get to decide when it’s up. It’s not the best, but you can make it work for you.
  139. Breastplate of Righteousness – The play next isn’t as useful since you had to already have initiative. It has decent numbers and is multi-brigade, with a situational battle-winning ability. Still might not be enough to play, but it does have a bunch of small things going for it.
  140. Put to Flight – Sending back banded ECs can be worthwhile, and can really swing a battle in your favor. It’s not the strongest enhancement, but it can make it as one of the last cards in your deck..
  141. Sling – If you can get this to stick on a warrior class hero, this gives some serious numbers. I still would like more than numbers, but this could make it in the right deck.
  142. Helmet of Brass – This is the type of defensive good enhancement that I can actually get somewhat behind. Play first is a real ability, so view the potential hero saving as just a bonus. It’s still not worth putting in every deck, but it might make the cut.
  143. Shield of Faith – Situational ability, is multi brigade for some value but still not good.
  144. Belt of Truth – Ability is unlikely to be useful, so really it’s just numbers. The multi-brigade is helpful for a numbers enhancement, but it’s still not good.
  145. Helmet of Salvation – What goes for Belt of Truth goes for this card too.
  146. Angel’s Sword – If you have a good warrior class Angel, this is fine, otherwise it’s not worth taking.
  147. Battle Axe – Situational battle winner with decent numbers. Likely not going to make the deck.
  148. King Zedekiah – A 1/1 with a drawback, not generally what we want unless you have some battle winners you really need initiative for. If you have dungeon of Malachi he becomes a bit better, and he is in the right brigade for evil royalty, unlike the others in the 1/1 kings cycle.
  149. King Elah – Just another 1/1 downside king.
  150. King Jehoahez (Judah) – Same as the other 1/1 kings with downsides.
  151. King Pekahiah – Another 1/1 king with a downside.
  152. King Shallum – Another 1/1 downside king, though he does have a discard ability, but it’s non-optional and will very rarely find a target.
  153. King Jehoiakin – Another of the 1/1 kings, but this one has an easier to trigger downside, which is bad.
  154. Hezekiah’s Signet Ring – It stops recursion and searching, but those abilities are less common in draft than in constructed.
  155. Ark of the Covenant – Hitting evil characters after battle simply opens up the defenses for your opponents to run through. Still it might occasionally be necessary to get through a really strong evil character.
  156. David’s Harp – It doesn’t help you win the battle, but it could let you keep a strong hero around. It’s still not strong enough to be anything more than a late pick.
  157. Land Purchase – Is actually a battle winner in the case that you only have a single soul out, and a site in deck. In that specific case, this card is good. It’s not for every deck, but it will fit in some as a late card.
  158. Eaten by Worms – Not even a battle winner when it’s not situational. Good numbers. Not worth it.
  159. Hailstones – Similar to Eaten by Worms, but slightly worse numbers.
  160. Angel Chariots – A battle winner, but a very situational one. Probably not worth it.
  161. Sword of Justice – A weapon that is a very conditional battle-winner. Not worth it generally, but you can do worse.
  162. Adino’s Spear – Situational ability, but could be relevant. Still not worth it unless you have an Adino.
  163. Abishai’s Spear – Ability is mostly irrelevant so its only real use is to more or less add permanent numbers to a red warrior class hero. If you have Adino, this card’s value goes way up.
  164. Jashobeam’s Spear – Another spear that is mostly irrelevant, but obviously valuable if you have an Adino.
  165. Mustering for War – A draw 3 isn’t great in booster, but it can still help you dig for some answers.
  166. King Saul’s Doubt – A situational battle winner. Generally not good enough to run.
  167. Hadad Arises – Weaker than King Saul’s Doubt since it has worse numbers and a weaker battle winning ability.
  168. Sword of Vengeance – A battle winner that is situational. You probably should not run this.
  169. Goliath’s Spear – If you have a Goliath or a Twelve Fingered Giant, this does add some serious numbers to them, but otherwise this is very not good.
  170. Lahmi’s Spear – Like Goliath’s Spear but with only one target in Lahmi, and with slightly worse numbers.
  171. Bow and Arrow (Evil) – Situational immune ability isn’t worthless, but not enough to get this card in your deck.
  172. Captain’s Sword – Similar to Helmet of Brass but worse because it doesn’t get that play first ability.
  173. Sword of Punishment – The ability is very situational, and unfortunately won’t work as a battle-winner if it’s already on as a weapon. Shouldn’t make the cut in your deck.
  174. Spear and Shield – Situational numbers, and situational play first. Not to the level of cards we want in a deck.
  175. Spear of Joshua – Site access is a nice ability to have on a hero, but not enough to warrant an enhancement slot in your deck.
  176. Sword of the Spirit – A just numbers enhancement, not good enough.
  177. Goods Recovered – The ability is almost never going to hit, and we still want more than just numbers.
  178. Sound the Trumpet – Ability isn’t worth it, still want more than numbers.
  179. Conqueror Over Death – Ability is useless, this is just numbers.
  180. Solomon Dedicates the Temple – Another near useless ability just numbers enhancement.
  181. Destruction of Babylon – Ability isn’t good, we want more than numbers.
  182. Walls Collapse – Exactly the same as Destruction of Babylon.
  183. Break Down the Wall of Gath – Ability is not good, so this is basically just numbers. Decent numbers, but we still want more out of our enhancements.
  184. Joshua Burns the City – Same ability and numbers as Break Down the Wall of Gath.
  185. Shadow of Death – The ability is unhelpful, because it does nothing to win the battle and the opponents decide what character they are most ok with losing.
  186. Eleazar’s Sword – Very situational. Still want more than numbers.
  187. Edge of the Sword – Another site discard, but with worse numbers than the others.
  188. Crushing Blow – Ability is not good, so it’s basically just numbers.
  189. Acts of Uzziah – Ability is very situational, and we want more than just numbers out of our enhancements.
  190. Plunderers – This is basically just a draw 1, which is not what we want on an enhancement that does nothing else to help you in the battle.
  191. Treasures of War – Same as Plunderers but without the numbers.
  192. Saul’s Spear – Ability is worthless (in fact even a downside if your opponent forces you into a side battle). Not a good card.
  193. Every Man’s Sword – It could stop someone from generating a soul with a hero during a soul drought, but it’s not strong enough to play.
  194. Political Bribes – Doesn’t help you win the battle, doesn’t hamper your opponent enough, don’t play this unless someone bribes you to put it in your deck.
  195. Useless Tactics – Ability is bad, the numbers are good for defense but again that’s less than we need to play a card.
  196. Poisoned Minds – Good numbers for defense, but not enough more than that to play.
  197. Strength Revealed – Ability is weak, we want more than numbers.
  198. Wisdom of Solomon – Hand scouting isn’t useless, but overall the power-level of this card is low.
  199. The Rabshakeh Attacks – It techs against mass bands, but it’s not reliable enough to run.
  200. Moral Decline – Generally you shouldn’t be in more than 2 or maybe 3 brigades, and you should have enough characters to play the enhancements you have, but in cases where you have a splash, the ability might be useful. Still it takes a whole card slot and doesn’t help you win the battle, so it’s very rarely going to be worth it.
  201. Valor of Warriors – Unless you are in an entirely numbers battle, limiting your opponent to one more enhancement is probably not winning you the battle. Not worth running.
  202. Gathering of Angels – Multiplayer doesn’t take enough rounds for this to actually work. It’s a shame, because the payoff is actually pretty sweet, but you’ll never get around to seeing it.
  203. Tower – Another actually good payoff that takes too long to set up.
  204. Ishbibenob’s Spear – Like Goliath’s spear but its numbers are significantly worse.
  205. Fortify Site – Putting a evil character on site guarding can be good, but not enough to justify playing an enhancement that does nothing in the current battle.
  206. Army of Chaldeans – Discard good weapons isn’t strong enough, and we want more than just numbers.
  207. Saul’s Javelin – Very conditional battle winner. It isn’t worth playing.
  208. Hezekiah’s Weakness – Ability is not good, want more than numbers.
  209. Jehu’s Sword – The ability would be fine on a character, but on an enhancement we want more.
  210. Pekah’s Blade – Same as Jehu’s Sword.
  211. Sword – Another weak ability enhancement we don’t want.
  212. Mace – Ability is not good, you know the drill, we want more than numbers.
  213. Glittering Spear – Just numbers, and not good numbers for defense at that.
  214. Untested Sword – Another bad ability enhancement that you should not play.
  215. Displeased Phillistines – Not a good ability, doesn’t help you in the battle, and we still want more than numbers.
  216. Climb the Walls – Worthless ability, bad card.
  217. Chariots of the Sun – Ability will probably never trigger, and isn’t worth it if it does.
  218. Fortify the Wall – Pass on the card with defensive numbers and an ability without a good payoff even when it works.
  219. Satan Released – You can recur a demon, but it’s not worth an enhancement slot.
  220. Coat of Mail – We don’t want defensive cards on offense. The numbers and ability are not worth it.
  221. Military Escort – Defensive numbers and an ability not worth an enhancement.
  222. Book of Jashar – If you played an enhancement with an ability that was worth copying, you probably wouldn’t need to play this card.
  223. Backward Shadow – Cards that are just heals aren’t worth drafting and playing.
  224. Visions of Iddo the Seer – We want cards that actually help us win battles, which this does not.
  225. The Tartan Attacks – Doesn’t help you in the battle, situational ability, bad defensive numbers, not what we want.
  226. Destroying the Temple – Bad ability, bad defensive numbers.
  227. Besieging the City – Doesn’t help win the battle, and only hurts one of your opponents, making you a target for them, and leaving the others untouched. Not worth a slot in booster.
  228. Troops Discharged – You aren’t going to get the cards needed to take advantage of this type of side battle card in booster.
  229. None that Breathed – Doesn’t do anything in the current battle and has bad defensive numbers.
  230. Worship of Milcom – Takes too long to get the payoff, and in the end the payoff is just numbers.
  231. Artifacts Destroyed – No numbers and an ability that isn’t worth playing in booster.
  232. Chemosh – Super slow, and not impactful enough in booster.
  233. Guards – Doesn’t help you win the battle, and the ability isn’t worth a card.
  234. Breaking Jerusalem’s Wall – Ability isn’t good and numbers are bad for defense.
  235. Breaking Through – Ah just what I wanted, a Breaking Jerusalem’s Wall that has an even more narrow trigger and wastes the pack’s rare slot.
  236. David’s Tent – The ability is almost useless, not worth a slot.
  237. Temple of Nisroch – You probably won’t have enough Assyrians to make this worthwhile, because no number of Assyrians will make it worthwhile.
  238. Momentum Change – Fun constructed combos aside, this card just doesn’t work in booster.
  239. Potter’s Field – You’d need a card that releases the heroes from hero to make it even close to worth it, but those enhancements are bad and you shouldn’t run them.
  240. Withered Hand – This does nothing to help you in the battle, and has no numbers. Don’t take this card.
  241. House Arrest – If only this card didn’t say “after the next battle,” it’d be really good. As it is, it’s very bad.
  242. Battle Neutralized – We want cards that help you win battles, not ones that lose them for you.
  243. Posterity Removed – Basically doesn’t do anything.
  244. Rejected Advice – I’m honestly not sure this actually does anything with how covenants work now and how this is worded, but even if it does work, just negating covenants is a very weak ability.
  245. Political Savvy – Wins the battle for your opponent not you.
  246. Gibeonite Treaty – For all those times you wanted to spare your opponent the burden of having to play their own battle winner to get rid of your evil character.
  247. Royal Protection – This card does basically nothing. Don’t take it.
  248. Kerith Ravine – No, this card is not good.
  249. Glory of the Lord – The worst dominant ever printed, and one you certainly don’t want in your deck.


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2 thoughts on “Drafting with Drrek – Kings

  1. Justin A.

    Very nice recap and I agree with most of your rankings. For me, the one you have way too low is King Amaziah. It’s just not that hard to pull off, and any time I can have a “one card/one rescue” combo, I’m loving that. I think the only two cards I take over him 100% of the time are Captain and TSA. If I’m already in White, I would strongly consider taking King Amaziah over one of the human FBTN dudes.

  2. Noah

    I think you just made my day. Some of your reviews were hilarious! Thanks for the insight on drafting with kings.

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