As winter grips our great land, many within the community of Redemption are tempted to fall into a slumber.
Decks and binders are stowed with no intent to gaze upon them for months to come. But the true competitor;
the one who seeks the ultimate prize, is fine tuning his craft. Deck lists are being created, scrapped, and
then being created again in hopes of finding the perfect balance or the most efficient path to victory. Now
is the time friends…this is the hour! WAKE UP! ARISE!

You are being summoned to the greatest competition of our time. You are being called to bring your best to
the battlefield in an epic three day contest that will pit good versus evil. When you enter the field of play,
you will have only one thing in mind…VICTORY!!!!!!! (…or fellowship…whichever you choose)

We are pround to announce in conjunction with Cactus Game Design and Three Lions Gaming the 2016 Redemption
National Tournament will be held at the Crosspointe Church of Christ in Franklin, Ohio from August 4th-6th.

In addition to all of the fun options offered with every National Tournament, there is a special offer for
the first people to sign up for this year’s event. The Creation Museum is situated just 50 miles south of
the Crosspointe building which would make it a perfect place for a day trip. What makes it even more amazing
is that one of our event leadership team members works for the Creation Museum. With that partnership, we are
offering free entry (up to a $30 value) to the Creation Museum on a first come, first serve basis (12 entries
available TuesdaySunday). Whether you are coming in a day early, staying a day late, or going during the
tournament; we encourage you to go and see the stunning display of God’s power and creativity!

Please follow the link below to find out more about the event including categories, schedule, housing, travel and other stuff.

2016 National Tournament Info Page!

To buy singles, sealed product, and other gaming supplies, please visit Three Lions Gaming!

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Last Modified: January 25, 2016

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