I’m pleased to announce that our resources section is now live! If you haven’t noticed, it’s at the top right of our website. We will continue to build this out over time, but there are a number of features available already that you might find useful.

In the Cards and Rules sections we have links to all the latest Redemption rules, like the 4th Edition Rulebook and the REG. More importantly we have a spreadsheet available that lists all Redemption cards printed to date. This can be used to track your collection. Or, since it’s sort-able and searchable, used to look up valuable information you need for deck building! Additionally you’ll find single set excel lists or PDF sheets that you can use to help you complete or figure out what’s missing from your collection. In the future there will be high quality image galleries of all sets from Rock of Ages onward. Possibly further back, but those details are still in the works.

The Competitive Play section provides an easy way to access tournament reports, deck lists, or even download lackey deck files for the top decks from last season! Playing with and understanding top decks, built and piloted by Redemption’s top players, is a great way to enhance your game play and improve your own deck building. You’ll also find a quick link to strategy articles from the past hosted here on Land of Redemption.

The Tutorial section is an area that we will be expanding. Right now it offers links to a number of excellent articles that offer advice for different aspects of the game, rules explanations, and card design. Over time we will add more videos including resources that will be beneficial for beginners to learn the game. As this section is fleshed out there will be a portion dedicated to Lackey. We will also be adding links to other Redemption resources around the web.

The Hosts and Leaders section provides articles from a variety of experienced Tournament hosts and play group leaders. It’s a great place to look if you’re aspiring to lead a Redemption play group or if you’re already a host and just want some fresh ideas. We plan to add some up to date quick reference sheets for playgroup leaders to use as well.

That’s what we’ve added and what we have planned for the future. We could use your help and feedback to make this better.

  • What’s missing? Is there a resource you’d like to see that we’ve overlooked?
  • We need Lackey deck files still for the decks section. Take a peak and see what’s missing then contact us to share the files.
  • How can we improve what’s already here? Let us know what we can do better!

Be sure to check back often because the resources section will be growing.

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  1. Josh Snyder

    This is awesome. Thanks for all the hard work from team LoR!

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