Peter is one of my favorite people from the Bible. I feel like I can relate to him a lot as a Christian. His life illustrates the “paradox of grace”: how we are far worse than we ever dare to believe, yet far more loved than we ever hoped to imagine!

Peter absolutely loved Jesus, as well as he was used greatly by the Lord in ministry. The Authority of Peter and Steadfastness of Peter where evidenced time and time again in the Gospels. He was one of the three closest disciples to Jesus, along with James and John, privileged to be with Jesus during such an amazing events as the Transfiguration.

The card Peter’s Curse depicts perhaps the lowest point of Peter’s life – when he repeatedly denied the Lord during Jesus’ crucifixion. Peter’s Lie even included him cursing when confronted by a young girl about his relationship with Jesus.

Peter’s Sermon in Acts 2 was a magnificent display of God’s grace- the same man who had a short time before so terribly sinned against God, had been fully restored by the love of Jesus and was told the proclaiming his gospel of mercy and grace to the end that 3,000 people upon hearing the Preaching at Pentecost message were saved!

This was made possible by Jesus’ restoration of Peter in John 21, when Jesus three times asked Peter the question, “Do you love me?” – not because Jesus did not know that Peter loved him (Jesus knows all things), but because Peter did not know that he loved Jesus after having denied Him.

This encourages us to persevere in our faith, because God does not give up on us when we sin. Though being holy He hates sin, He still loves us and remains committed to us in perfect faithfulness, and moreover, our love for Him is still real to Him even though it is weak and immature. Like Peter did, we should follow the teaching of John the Baptist when he said in Matthew 3:8, “Bear fruit in keeping with Repentance!”

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