Our regular readers might be wondering why we had a couple days without content this past week. Is Land of Redemption closing its doors?

I can assure you, we’re not going anywhere. There are a number of reasons for the slow week, and why we might have a few more slow weeks before things pick back up.

First and foremost, we’re a community provided resource. If the community isn’t providing content we won’t have anything to offer. Many of our regular authors are in a season of transition. We’ve had people move to another state or country, change jobs, and start classes. During these life changes we wish God’s blessings upon them while they focus on the most important things. When life settles down they’ll be back dropping knowledge on us.

We do have a number of committed authors still writing, sharing ideas, insights, and inspiration. During this season we can thank God for the Alstad brothers who are blessing us with knowledge in their articles, for Joey and Jesse sharing the devotions they’ve created for their youth groups and for the guest articles we get from people like “Wild Bill” and Blake.

I’m normally good for an article each week. I have at least three high level strategy articles I plan to share with the community. However, right now I’m attempting to build out the Resources section of the website. Yes, that is still coming. It feels like I’m running through mud though. Things are taking longer than I expected. It’ll be at least a couple more weeks before it’s live.

Up to this point most of our authors have been Redemption Elders and play group leaders. We’re not just about competitive tournament play here. We want to represent the game as a whole. Right now I feel like the casual player base isn’t represented well. Do you enjoy building theme decks that are fun, can hold their own but probably won’t win the next big tournament? Do you and your friends like to play a format other than the standard tournament formats? There are other players like you! Consider writing an article or series to inspire others.

My son would really like for us to do a podcast together, talking about Redemption. I’m not sure if that will happen at this point, or what it will look like if it does, but that might be something you see in the future.

Scott, our new co-editor is doing an amazing job behind the scenes. I mention him because the work he does for you and I is mostly a thankless job that otherwise goes unrecognized.

If you enjoy the articles people write for you, please take a moment to comment and let them know. I see the analytics and know people are reading, but they don’t unless they hear from you. Your feedback encourages them.

Thank you for coming here and sharing your love for Redemption with us. We know there are many ways you could spend your time, and we’re grateful you chose to spend a little of it at Land of Redemption!

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2 thoughts on “Why So Quiet?

  1. Jonathan Gomez

    I love the articles. I’m on the site almost every day looking forward to new stuff

  2. Josh Snyder

    I really appreciate all the work that goes into this site. The future is certainly bright. Long live LoR!

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