Land of Redemption is a community resource created by the Redemption community. Offering articles from a wide variety of authors and players is the best way to provide you with a large range of content and perspectives on all kinds of different Redemption-related topics. We’re made up of a bunch of different people using their individual gifts to share things they love and are passionate about. That format has been successful thus far.


While we’ve had a large number of different content contributors, until now we’ve only had one editor. I’m happy to announce that’s about to change. We have a member of the Redemption community whose gifts and experience make him the perfect candidate to be our first co-editor. Please welcome to our editing team Scott Bowen (Browa on the message boards)!

Scott is passionate about the game of Redemption. He has a strong background in the English language and shows great attention to detail. In all my personal interactions with Scott, he’s always been kind and humble. He’s more qualified and will most likely do a better job than I can with editing and posting the articles our community submits.

This change fits right in with the vision of Land of Redemption. We encourage the Redemption community to contribute in any way they feel inspired. Scott has contributed articles in the past and has been looking for other ways he can contribute. Is there something you feel inspired to contribute to the community? Please let us know!

What’s Coming

Scott’s involvement means more than just better editing on this site. It frees me up to work on other projects. This means I’ll have more time to create videos like the one we posted here last week. It also means I can begin work on a Resources section that I’ve wanted to add to the Land of Redemption since it’s inception.

Expect to see the Resources link appear at the top next to the “Home” and “About Us” links. We’re still working on exactly what that will look like, but you can expect to see sections for play group leaders, tournament reports, game tutorials, card lists, Lackey, deck lists, rules and more.

As we begin building out the resources there will be ways you, the reader, can help. If you’re a member of the Redemption message boards, expect to see a post there soon with ideas on how the community can participate.

We’d like to thank you for being part of this wonderful game we love. There are countless ways that you can spend your time. We don’t take for granted that you choose to spend a little of it here with us, enjoying Redemption, and sharing the game with others.

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