Offensive toss is dangerous for opposing defenses.  Most effective evil Enhancements have little to no strength resulting in poor use in a toss battle so it is best to utilize other methods when attempting to block.

One way to potentially block toss is to band.  Since the Hero must be in battle alone for Enhancements to be tossed by Peace it can be difficult for the Hero to decrease multiple Evil Character to */0 or less.  Mass banders like The SanhedrinPharisees, and Sadducees have proven effective against toss especially if they can bring in some Evil Characters with large toughness (High Priest CaiaphasHigh Priest AnnasHigh Priest Ananias etc.).

A second potential block toss is to utilize “chump block” abilities.  You could utilize character abilities that protect Lost Souls (UzzahTrembling DemonHermogenesPhiletus, etc.).  You can also utilize Evil Character abilities that can potentially defeat the Hero (Antiochus IV EpiphanesDrusillaBernice (better in MP), Egyptian WardenKing Zimri, etc.).

You can also utilize immune or protection abilities.  While toss abilities are regardless of protection or immunity those abilities are still effective ways to block since they will have to reduce your to */0 or less via toss to defeat you if your are protected from or immune to the tossing Hero (Emperor ClaudiusPrince of this WorldEmperor Nero, etc.).

A third potential block is to utilize Dominants, Artifacts and territory Enhancements.  Christian MartyrUnholy WritMagic Charms, and Go Into Captivity are all potential blocks.  Underdecking the Hero (Invoking TerrorWickedness of DelilahHypocrite’s Proselyte, etc.), or discarding Peace (King’s Pomp) can also set offense back a turn or more (the will likely retrieve it with The Holy Spirit eventually).

Another counter is to discard Peace (Silly WomenRebellious SpiritDeluders, Gamaliel’s Speech).  Since Peace has an ongoing ability (toss is ongoing) paired with a place ability it has the implied condition of “while the placed card remains in the placed location.”  If you discard Peace during battle Enhancements are no longer tossed.

Hopefully this has given you some option for blocking a Peace’d Hero.

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