I had a chance to sit down and talk with Friday’s Type A winner from Nationals, Forest Isbell. I’ll share his comments below and then follow with his deck list.

How long have you been playing Redemption?

Three months I think.

How many Redemption tournaments have you played in?

I’ve played four.

What type of deck did you play for Type A?

I had angels and Philistines.

What was the most important good card in your deck?

Michael, because I can’t count Son of God and NJ.

What was the most important evil card in your deck?

Philistine Armor Bearer because he gets my Goliath.

Did you have any tough games in the five rounds that you played?

Yeh, I had one very tough round. The guy had cards that were annoying me. I didn’t see them coming.

What were some of the strongest cards you faced from your opponents?

Priests of Zeus.

If you weren’t concerned about winning, would you have played a different deck?

Nope. Silver and black are my favorite colors to play.

What is one piece of advice that you can give to other young players that want to do well in tournaments?

Plan ahead. Don’t waste your Enhancements. Don’t block if you don’t have backup for your characters. Wait until you have some rude stuff to do to your opponent.

What was your favorite part of attending Redemption Nationals?

Spending time and enjoying games with the new friends that I made there.

If you could be any flavor of ice cream, which flavor would you be?

(laugh) What? Why would you ask me that?

Because it’s fun.


Type A 1st Place Deck: 50 Cards

Dominants: 7

Angel of the Lord
New Jerusalem
Son of God
Christian Martyr
Falling Away
Vain Philosophy

Support cards: 2

Chariot of Fire
Dragon Raid

Lost Souls: 7

Lost Soul (female only)
Lost Soul (N.T. only)
Lost Soul (Rejoice)
Lost Soul (Resurrection)
Lost Soul (Shut Door)
Lost Soul (Withdraw)
Lost Soul (wanderer)

Heroes: 9

Legion of Angels
Captain of the Host
The Strong Angel
Attending Angel
Angel at Jerusalem

Good Enhancements: 8

Striking Herod
Angelic News
Flaming Sword
Eaten by Worms
Overwhelming Presence
Angelic Guidance
Glad Tidings
Three Angels

Evil Characters: 9

Philistine Garrison
The Twelve Fingered Giant
Philistine Armor Bearer
Lot’s Wife
Fallen Warrior

Evil Enhancements: 8

Ishbibenob’s Spear
Lahmi’s Spear
Bringing Fear
Ishbibenob’s Sword
Foolish Advice
Seized by Rioters
Wickedness of Delilah

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