Welcome to Drafting with Drrek, where we rank all the cards in a set by their value in booster draft.  For this first week, we will be looking at the cards from the original Unlimited packs.

  1. Gideon – If you are playing with Early Church packs, or Tins, a Gideon should never make it past the first pick.  If you are playing tins and you got the newest Judges tin, congratulations! You’ve just gotten an incredibly powerful card for your deck, able to use Samuel’s Edict cannot be negated (CBN), and able to be exchanged for with Angel under the Oak to have CBN protection from your opponents cards.  Both of these cards could show up in Early Church packs as well, and even if you don’t have the Judges tin, and don’t see an Angel under the Oak or Samuel’s Edict in the draft, it’s still imperative to make sure no one else at your boosting table can grab them in case they draft those cards.

NOTE: If you are not playing Tins or Early Church Gideon drops down to with the other Judges

  1. Authority of Christ – The first of the three offensive battle winners in this set, and a pretty strong one to boot.  While this Authority of Christ might not be cannot be negated like its promo counterpart, it’s plenty strong for booster.
  2. Obedience of Noah – Another battle winner for offense, and another one that will work against multiple evil characters.  Additionally they probably don’t even get initiative to negate it as they have to negate it in the brigade of the of the character you choose as the blocker.  Value!
  3. Plague of Flies – Decreasing all evil characters 6/6 can be a battle winner that devastates the opponent’s defense.  Definitely worth taking from original packs.
  4. Repentance – The last of the original offense battle winners isn’t as strong as the other battle winners in the set as it only targets one Evil Character, and it can’t hit demons, but its still plenty strong enough to include in your deck.
  5. Lost Souls – Most Lost Souls would not be ranked this high in any pack, but the Lost Souls card is no normal Lost Soul.  The ability to effectively auto-block with just a soul is very strong.  While it is possible that in a some situations it will effectively draw a second soul for your opponent, Lost Souls‘ auto-blocking ability outweighs that.
  6. Samson – The next four cards will share a theme.  They’re all Gold Judges!  They also have no special ability so if you see that Samuel’s Edict go around it makes them all even better.  Samson gets the top spot of them as he has the best numbers of the four.  He also gets Angel With the Secret Name and Jawbone synergizing with him.
  7. Samuel – The second of this set of judges, and while he might not have the numbers of Samson, he’s still got Eli the Priest synergy, and he can still use Samuel’s Edict CBN as a no special ability Judge.
  8. DeborahDeborah’s another no special ability judge, and thus worthy of taking.  Plus she can rescue that “Women Only” Lost Soul if you happen to boost with womens or take advantage of female targeting Enhancements.
  9. OthnielOthniel is just a no special ability judge, but that’s more than you expect from a Hero in the original packs.

11-12. Chains, Cage – Defensive battle-winners that are better than the capture ones, as it doesn’t generate a soul for your opponents’ to rescue.

  1. Net – One of the three capture battle-winners for defense in Unlimited.  While capture can be one of the weaker abilities because it generates a soul for your opponent, its still strong enough to take in Unlimited.

14-15. SnareStocks – Same cards as net, but in different brigades and don’t have 2/2 in numbers.  That 2/2 in numbers puts net above these two cards, but they are still usable as battle winners.

  1. Goliath – The first of the 10/10 beefy Evil Characters, and Goliath certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Goliath’s Spear and the giants from warriors are big with Goliath (pun intended) if you get them. In addition, Lahmi from Kings is great with him too. Don’t forget to grab a Goliath’s Armor if you see one go by in TEC.

17-20. Red Dragon, Beast from the Earth, Beast from the Sea, Abaddon the Destroyer – These guys are all the same, except for brigade.  Without the Philistine identifier, they don’t quite measure up to Goliath, but as demons they can’t be converted, so they have that going for them.  10/10 evil characters set up quite a lot of beef for those numbers battles you will get into in booster.

  1. Rebekah – A 4/4 no special ability Hero, but being a blue Genesis Hero helps for things like Answer to Prayer or Numerous as the Stars.
  2. Miriam – Another 4/4 no special ability Hero, but as a green prophet she can play things like Two Bears or get banded to by Simeon or Seraph.

23-24. Jonathan, Esther – 6/6 would put Jonathan and Esther above most Heroes in this set alone, but they also royalty, so they can play Royal Parade too.

  1. Mark – Just a 4/4 blue Hero, but Barnabas from TEC can band to him, setting him slightly above the rest. Also he’s a missionary to trigger cards like Bereans and Aquila, and buff up church synergies you might get in TEC.
  2. Silas – Another 4/4 blue Hero, but Barsabbas from TEC bands to him, giving him a slight bump.  Also  a missionary like Mark.
  3. Barnabas – A 4/4 blue Hero, and a missionary like Mark and Silas.
  4. Joab – 6/6 red Hero puts him above most Heroes in the set, and can be banded to by Abishai.   Warriors packs are usually not used in draft, but you could pull one from TxP, so he gets the slight upgrade.

29-31. Adino, Shamgar, Uriah – All 6/6 red Heroes. These guys are basically the same, but 6/6 puts them above the rest of the Heroes in the set.

  1. Cornelius – Only a 4/4 but he can be banded to/searched off of Angelic Visitor, so there is some value to be had here
  2. Asahel – 4/4 red Hero, but Abishai from Warriors bands to him like Joab.

34-39. Hannah, Hushai, Mighty Warrior, Ruth, Christian Soldier, Faithful Servant – Just regular 4/4 Heroes.  Nothing special about these guys.

  1. Ezekiel’s Stick, Sound the Alarm – Banding is often a battle winner, so this is a good Enhancement to take.
  2. Whore of Babylon – Better numbers than the rest of the Evil Characters below her on this list, and she’s got the Babylonian identifier to help too.
  3. Hard-hearted Religious Leaders – 6/6 Gray Evil Character, and a pharisee to synergize with the pharisee cards you could draft out of TxP, Disciples or TEC.

43-44. Pharaoh, Taskmaster– 6/6 gold Evil Characters with the Egyptian identifier to work with things like Egyptian Wise Men, Egyptian Archers or Magicians’ Snakes.

  1. Herodias – 6/6 Gold Evil Character, she also synergizes with Herod Antipas, Salome and Herod’s Dungeon.
  2. Haman – 6/6 Brown Evil Character.  Haman has several banding options that can show up in later sets with a couple of demons in Disciples and Zaresh in Priests.  In addition there is Persian synergy cards like Haman’s Gallows.
  3. Stone Throwers – 6/6 Crimson Evil Character.  Doesn’t have the right color, but can still be banded to by a few character, and be the target of Just a Hireling or the other pharisee to trigger Proud Pharisee.
  4. Ahab – 6/6 Brown Evil Character.  There are a couple tin cards that work off evil royalty that could pop up in TEC packs that give this guy a little boost. Priests also has Ahab’s Armor.
  5. False Teachers– 6/6 gray Evil Character.  Being a heretic gives them protection with Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, and are a band target for Creeping Deceiver.
  6. Delilah – 6/6 brown Evil Character.  Can be searched for by Philistine Armor Bearer.
  7. Jezebel – 6/6 Crimson Evil Character.  Can be searched for by Fortify Site and is protected from conversion in territory by Canaan.
  8. Judas Iscariot – 6/6 Crimson Evil Character. He keeps the disciple identifier if converted and gets name on name with some Enhancements from Disciples.

53-60. Abihu, Doeg, False Shepherds, Jaazaniah, Locust from the Pit, Salome, Shimei, Frog Demons – 6/6 Evil Characters.  No significant identifier, choose based on brigade.

  1. Aaron’s Rod – Discarding all evil Enhancements may not be the most useful ability, but it can definitely help in a numbers battle.
  2. Speed – First strike is a good ability to have in the numbers battles that happen often in booster, so this is worthwhile for an original Enhancement.
  3. David’s Sling – Same as speed but slightly worse numbers.
  4. Rage – Low number band so less likely to win a battle, but can still be useful.

65-72. Clemency of David, Compassion of Jeremiah, Devotion of Ruth, Kindness, Meekness of Isaac, Patience of Job, Peace, Submissiveness of Mary – Situational ignores, but better than nothing.

  1. Healing – A heal isn’t the greatest ability, but saving an important Hero at a crucial point can be good.
  2. Bread of Life – A card that only heals one brigade of Hero generally isn’t worth running, but its better than the no special ability Enhancements left in the set, plus it at least gives an extra 2/2 to the Hero for the rest of the game.

75-76. Balm of Gilead, Leaves for Healing – Same as Bread of Life but with no increase on the Hero.

  1. Antidote – Poisons aren’t typically very common, but its still better than nothing.
  2. Brass Serpent – Same as Antidote, but doesn’t have numbers making it weaker.

79-80. Angel Food, Strength – 3/3 is better than most stats on Enhancements in the set, though you probably won’t include it in your final deck.

81-95. Bravery of David, Courage of Esther, David’s Staff, Commitment of Paul, Dedication of Samuel, Determination of Nehemiah, Faith of Abraham, Faithfulness of Luke, Forcefulness of Isaiah, Forgiveness of Joseph, Humility of Moses, Long-Suffering of John, Loyalty of Jonathan, Purity of Enoch, Steadfastness of Peter – all are 2/2 offensive Enhancements. These rank higher than the other 2/2 Enhancements as they have the potential for name on name bonus.

96-112. Alertness, Banner, Courage, Endurance, Faith, Fearlessness of Joshua, Gentleness, Goodness, Hope, Joy, Love, Mercy of James, Patience, Temperance, Truthfulness of Nathan, Wisdom – all are 2/2 offensive Enhancements. These probably won’t make the cut to your deck.  Take based on brigade.

113-115. Rod of Iron, Banner of Love, Bow and Arrow – 2/1 is better than the other good Enhancements left, but still not worth it.

116-118. Battle Axe, Ehud’s Dagger, Five Smooth Stones – 2/0 is better than 0/2 but still not worth a slot in your deck.

119-124. Cruelty, Darkness, Hate, Vain Philosophy, Wildness, Abandonment – Conditional ignores for defense, not good, but not useless.

125-134. Chariots of Iron, Chariots of the Sun, Discord, Evil, Fiery Darts, Grief, Lance, Stone of Thebez, Treachery, Boils – 2/2 evil Enhancements, worth less than good Enhancements generally because offense wins games.  These Enhancements likely won’t make it in your deck, take based on brigade.

  1. Goliath’s Spear – Potential name on name on Goliath but not much value otherwise.

136-137. Axe, Bow and Arrow – 2/1 evil Enhancements are not very good.  Won’t make your deck’s cut.

  1. Axe – 2/0 Defensive Enhancement won’t be worth it.  Shouldn’t make it into your deck.
  2. Chastisement of the Lord – Not worth the investment to spend 4 turns to increase a Hero 6/6. Shouldn’t make it into your deck.

140-141. Prayer and Fasting, Sleep – 1/1 a turn will not be worth it, even less efficient than Chastisement of the Lord.

142-145. Ointment, Buckler, Coat of Mail, Helmet of Brass – Strength wins offensive battles, so 0/2 Enhancements are definitely not worth a slot.

146-151.  Ezekiel 34:12 Soul, I Kings 17:12 Soul, II Timothy 2:26 Soul, Isaiah 42:7 Soul, Luke 13:25 Soul, Proverbs 22:14 Soul – Worst cards in the pack.  Do not take unless you must.

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