Ok, so this isn’t Excalibur, but it is a pretty cool Sword in its own right. The final piece of the Armor of God isn’t technically armor at all; it’s the Sword of the Spirit!

When we go on the offensive as Christian Soldiers, bringing people to Jesus, we do so with the word of God. Ephesians 6:17 tells us that the word of God is the sword of the spirit.


As Sword is used for offense, we wanted the ability to reflect that. No protection on this Enhancement. Instead it gives your Hero a numbers buff, and allows them to potentially play an Enhancement. Our first version of this card allowed you to play anything from your hand. This proved to be really brutal with Peter+Peter’s Sermon and other CBN type options.

We explored a few different ideas on how to remedy that, and decided it would be good to tie the sword back in with the other armor. This is when we added the numbers buff, and made the Enhancement play semi-random. With enough Armor on the table, or a small enough hand, you can still probably get a really good play out of the selected Enhancements, but it’s no longer the auto-win that it was.

When we added the third color onto Sword, it was originally Teal, as the priests were the keepers of God’s Word. When we needed to change Helmet of Salvation, we looked and decided that this was the easiest swap. Gold is also representative of conversion, which is what we seek to do when we wield the word of God.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look behind the scenes at the Armor of God Enhancements! If you entered the contest for 10 packs of The Persecuted Church, we’ll be posting the results of the drawing from the correct answers on Land of Redemption next week. Good Luck!

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