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This article series is designed to provide quick and simple deck ideas in general, as well as for specific themes, that won’t be hard on your wallet! There will also be suggestions for those with more available funds on how to spruce up the deck.


Today’s Topic: Reviewing the available TLG Deck Builders

For those that have been following my series, today’s article will be a bit different. There won’t be a deck list or suggested deck, instead we’ll be taking a brief look at the various Deck Builders available now at Three Lions Gaming. We’ll check out the various themes and I’ll provide some suggestions of which ones can go well together.

Good Packs: There are 12 offense packs to choose from, at least 1 from each brigade, that each contain 20 cards (primarily Heroes and good Enhancements, but sometimes Artifacts and/or good Fortresses) to support that brigade/theme.

Angels – This pack contains general angels and silver cards (such as Gabriel and The Strong Angel) that don’t necessarily support other, non-silver, themes. This is the only silver pack.

Believers – This pack focuses on Luke/John gold-brigade cards. Samaritans and conversion are the theme here, and Soldier of God makes an appearance.

Deacons – First of the clay sets, this one focuses on the deacon sub-theme with Widows’ Tables and Wash Basin for support.

Disciples – This purple set focuses on the Disciples and seems like a supplement to the I/J starter decks. If you own I/J you’ll get a few duplicates but also some very good additions.

Judges – The other gold-brigade set, this one is all about the Judges. With powerful Heroes like Moses and Ehud, as well as Judge’s Seat and good Enhancements, this is a great start.

Missionaries – The second clay set focuses on missionaries and contains the New Jerusalem Site (not to be confused with the New Jerusalem Dominant).

Patriarchs – The only available blue set, this one is all about Genesis Heroes, specifically the sons of Jacob (plus Rachel).

Priests – Representing teal in these packs, we have the priests. These O.T. cards are all about the priesthood, and the pack includes Golden Cherubim and is more Artifact/Fortress-heavy than other packs.

Prophets – Culminating the green brigade, this O.T. pack features many of the big-name prophets. It also includes the versatile Hidden Treasures card.

Royalty – Like the name suggests, this pack contains kings and associated support. The second purple set, this one covers the O.T. cards including The Throne of David.

Warriors – Representing the red brigade, this pack focuses on the O.T. Heroes and support. Red David is present in this pack.

Women – Rounding out the good sets is this solitary white pack featuring The Garden Tomb and N.T. females. Cards in this pack are the white versions (as some have gotten clay reprints).

Evil Packs: There are also 12 evil packs available, representing all the brigades, and these also contain 20 cards to support the themes.

Assyrians – This pack focuses on pale green Assyrians who specialize in capture and large characters. Includes Assyria’s Tribute and Assyrian Camp.

Babylonians – Featuring even more capture than the Assyrian pack, the crimson Babylonians also include the Go Into Captivity Curse.

Demons – Representing the orange brigade, the demon pack includes general demons and orange cards, as well as Household Idols and The Gates of Hell.

Egyptians – In this O.T. evil gold pack you’ll find powerful Egyptian cards as well as the Pithom and Storehouse Fortresses.

Greeks – This primarily N.T offense is all about the Greeks. Always wanted to build an Abomination of Desolation deck? This is a great place to start. Includes Areopagus and other Early Church cards.

Herods – Filling out the N.T aspect of evil gold this pack includes the Herod characters and support plus the namesake Site and Fortress (Herod’s Dungeon and Herod’s Temple).

Magicians – This pale green pack includes the basic magician-style defense. Most of the characters are multi-brigade, however the Enhancements are all pale green (though some have other brigades also).

Pharisees – N.T gray fills this pack to the brim with Pharisees (including Saul/Paul) and even an Unholy Writ Artifact.

Philistines – On the O.T. side of black we have the Philistines. Big characters, weapons, Altar of Dagon and Philistine Outpost, this pack has it all.

Romans – Joining the other gray pack with other N.T. cards, this Roman set has all the emperors you could ever want. Give them first strike with Rome and then end the battle with Heavy Taxes.

Royalty – This pack pulling from the brown brigade focuses primarily on kings of Israel (with Gates of Samaria) and even includes a couple Samaria Sites so you can trigger Gates’ effect.

Unbelievers – This N.T. crimson pack seethes with heretics. Satan’s Seat makes an appearance, as does Thirty Pieces of Silver, and Philosophy joins the theme quite nicely.

Souls N Doms packs (SND): These “neutral” packs each contain 16 cards in the following breakdown: 7 Lost Souls, 5 Dominants, 3 Sites, and 1 Fortress

The 5 Dominants in each pack are all the same: Christian Martyr, Angel of the Lord, Son of God, Guardian of Your Souls, and Destruction of Nehushtan.

Each pack also contains the Wall of Protection Fortress and the Dragon Raid site (the old one, the promo is not yet available/cheap enough to include in these packs, according to TLG’s manager).

The difference with these packs are the 7 souls you get as well as the remaining 2 Sites.

Useful combinations: Now for some general suggestions on pairing up the themes.

Genesis + Romans – Starting with these 2 packs will give you the beginnings of a decent hand control deck.

Genesis + Egyptians – There is some synergy here between the offense and defense, especially the Genesis Egyptians.

Prophets + Babylonians or Assyrians – The newer tins include some dual-alignment Enhancements that make pairing prophets with either Babylonians or Assyrians a good bet.

Disciples + Pharisees – Both of these themes tend to have lots of “fast” cards (especially drawing) and when paired can make getting through your deck to your better cards a breeze.

Women + Royalty (brown) – The women set focuses on The Garden Tomb which does better when there are fewer Evil Characters in play. Adding the brown royalty gives you the option of reducing your opponent’s Evil Characters (hopefully discarding them) to clear out their territory for your TGT Heroes to walk in for rescues.

Thanks for reading!

As always, the deck suggestions above are just general suggestions/guidelines for building decks, and Redemption caters to and encourages creative alternatives and testing with different card combinations or setups. Try using a mix of deck builder packs and see how it goes!

Thanks very much for reading! Browa’s Budget Bazaar will be going on hiatus for now since the TLG Deck Builders make starting new decks really easy and cheap. Hopefully this overview has been helpful in giving ideas for using those, and perhaps the Bazaar will reappear in the future with other upgrade ideas or deck-building suggestions.

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