This week’s video features a deck built by Justin Alstad that he took first with in one of the spring 2020 online tournaments: Speed Job. The goal is to get Job out as quickly as possible and then use his exchange ability right away to fetch and recur Job’s Faith every turn to wipe out your opponent’s defense.

Dust and Ashes and Job’s own built-in protection and big numbers help you keep Job alive so you can keep swinging in. Since the offense is fairly minimal, there’s room for a lot of defense to keep your opponent from outpacing you. This game was a long one with Rob Smith who was piloting a Ruth deck that attempts to get the “lockdown” Heroes in Ruth (Obed and Jesse) out right away while using cards like David and Threshing Floor to filter through the deck to find the cards you need. It was a really fun game with some great battles so enjoy!


1 Lost Soul “Lawless” (Hebrews 12:8) (CoW AB)

1 Lost Soul (Prosperity)

1 Lost Soul (Hunter)

1 Lost Soul “Darkness” (Job 30:26) (Promo)

1 Lost Soul (Distressed)

1 Lost Soul (Jeremiah 28:6) (Exiles)

1 Lost Soul (Remant)

1 Angel of the Lord (J)

1 Three Woes (RoJ AB)

1 The Second Coming (CoW AB)

1 Falling Away

1 Christian Martyr (2019) (Promo)

1 Shipwreck (Promo)

1 Son of God (Promo 2018)

1 Flying Scroll (PoC)

1 The Ends of the Earth (RoJ AB)

1 Storehouse (Promo)

1 Sheol

1 Dust and Ashes

1 Book of the Covenant (PoC)

1 Golden Calf (FoM)

1 Covenant of Prayer (RoJ AB)

1 Leviathan (FoM)

1 Behemoth (RoJ AB)

1 Wild Ox (LoC)

1 Affliction of Job (RoJ AB)

1 Second Bowl of Wrath (RoJ AB)

1 Testing of Job (RoJ AB)

1 Michael (Aw)

1 The Strong Angel (Promo)

1 The Angel of Might (RoJ AB)

1 Job  (Promo)

1 Day of Fury (RoJ AB)

1 The First Sacrifice

1 Endurance of Job

1 Endless Treasures

1 Israel’s Blessing (LoC)

1 Unthwarted (RoJ AB)

1 Faith Unbowed (LoC)

1 Aliens (LoC Brown/Gray)

1 The Amalekites’ Slave (FoM)

1 Bildad, the Shuhite (RoJ AB)

1 Eliphaz, the Temanite (RoJ AB)

1 Job’s Wife (RoJ AB)

1 Gomer (PoC)

1 Zophar, the Naamathite (RoJ AB)

1 The Deceiver (RoJ AB)

1 Scattered

1 Gibeonite Trickery (Pa)

1 Stiff-Necked


1 Covenant with Abraham (PoC)

1 You Will Remain (CoW AB)

1 Covenant with Death (FooF)

1 Wasting Disease (PoC)

1 The Angel of the Winds (CoW AB)

1 Job’s Faith

1 Persian Horsemen / Persian Horses

1 Fire From Heaven (RoJ AB)

1 Reap the Whirlwind

1 Foolish Advice (RoJ AB)

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