This week on Redemption with Jayden we’re heading back into Type 2 world with a deck that’s all about hitting the reset button. That’s right, in true April Fool’s fashion, we’re playing an A New Beginning deck.

The consequences of playing A New Beginning are sometimes a little hard to predict, so this deck focuses on trying to tip the scales in our favor with a few tech cards that otherwise don’t see a whole lot of play. Once again, we’re taking on fellow Type 2 player Joe Schaepher who brought a really cool deck as well (and not just because it’s similar to a deck I’ve played in the past…) so I’m excited for you guys to see how this game shook out, and good news, we made it under 2 hours! đŸ˜‰ Check it out below along with my decklist!

Deck: 100

Neutral: 26

2 Lost Soul (Awake)

2 Lost Soul “Imitate” (III John 1:11) (RoJ AB)

2 Lost Soul “Lawless” (Hebrews 12:8) (CoW AB)

2 Lost Soul Luke 15:15-16 (Pigs)

2 Lost Soul (Remant)

2 Lost Soul “Thorns” (II Samuel 23:6) (LoC)

1 Lost Soul (Escape)

1 Lost Soul (Hunter)

2 Lost Soul (Hopper) (FoM)

1 Chronicles of the Kings (LoC Plus)

1 Destruction of Nehushtan (PoC)

1 Three Woes (RoJ AB)

3 Hidden Treasures

1 Book of the Covenant (PoC)

1 Endless Treasures

1 Matthew’s Begats (LoC Plus)

1 Delivered

Good: 37

1 Angel of the Lord (J)

1 Guardian Of Your Souls (RoJ AB)

1 Son of God (Promo 2018)

1 The Second Coming (CoW AB)

1 Bethlehem (LoC)

1 Melchizedek (CoW AB)

1 Father Abraham / Faithful Abraham (LoC Plus)

1 Jacob, Follower of God / Israel, Retainer of God (LoC)

1 Joseph, the Dreamer

1 Noah, the Righteous / Noah (Rest and Comfort) (LoC)

1 Isaac, Willing Sacrifice / Isaac, the Blessed (LoC)

1 Leah, Weary-Eyed / Leah, God’s Choice (LoC)

1 Nahor, the Scorched / Nahor, the Noble (LoC)

1 Amos (PoC)

1 Jonah (PoC)

1 Malachi (PoC)

1 David, Heart After God / David, the Contrite (LoC Plus)

1 Obed, the Servant / Obed, the Gift (LoC)

1 Offering Your Son

1 The Emmaus Road

1 The First Sacrifice

2 Abraham’s Descendant (LoC)

2 Boaz’ Offspring (LoC)

2 David’s Descendant (LoC)

2 Solomon’s Dream (LoC)

2 Zerubbabel’s Plumb Line (LoC)

4 A New Beginning

2 A Soldier’s Prayer

1 Love at First Sight

Evil: 37

1 Burial (Promo)

1 Christian Martyr (2019) (Promo)

1 Falling Away

1 Mayhem (FoM)

1 Shipwreck (Promo)

1 Vain Philosophy (J)

1 Vain Vision (PoC)

3 House of Rimmon

2 Unsuccessful (PoC)

1 Pagan Sailors

1 Laban (FoM Promo)

4 Syrian Mercenaries (CoW AB)

1 Captain of the Chariots (LoC)

1 King Cushan-Rishathaim

1 King Hazael (LoC)

1 King Rezin (PoC)

1 Naaman (PoC)

1 Rezon, Son of Eliada (LoC)

1 Soldiers of Zobah (CoW AB)

1 The Strong Force

1 The Syrian Reinforcements (CoW AB)

1 Scattered

2 Balaam’s Prophecy

2 Foreign Exile (CoW AB)

2 False Prophecy (PoC)

2 Syrian Victory

Reserve: 15

2 Damascus (EC)

1 Golden Calf (FoM)

1 Covenant with Abraham (PoC)

1 Covenant with Noah (PoC)

1 Oath of Purity (LoC)

1 Jeshua, the Restorer (LoC)

1 Matthan, the Defender / Matthan, the Denigrated (LoC)

1 The Angel of the Winds (CoW AB)

1 Peter’s Curse

1 Captured Ark (FoM)

1 Rain Becomes Dust

2 Namaan’s Chariot and Horses

1 Gold Shield (LoC)

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