This week on Redemption with Jayden, we’re adding to the Tutorials on the channel with a Part 3 on learning how to play Redemption. Throughout the video, I mention a couple things that I haven’t gone over in the first tutorial videos like Cities and Star cards, and then I also play a Sealed Deck game with Justin “The Guardian” Alstad.

Sealed Deck is a “limited” tournament category that’s really nice for newer players for a few different reasons. You play by selecting a few packs to open and use those cards to augment a Starter Deck, so it’s a great way to slowly introduce new cards after you’re used to playing with the starter decks and it also levels the playing field among newer and experienced players by giving them all a similar card pool to play with. As with the other limited category, Booster Draft, it can be a lot of fun for experienced players as well because you end up using older and lesser-used cards and finding some unique interactions. I hope you all enjoy the video and seeing how you can play Sealed Deck on Lackey! As always, hit me (or the forums/Discord) up with any questions in those YouTube comments!

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