This week Jayden analyzes a Postexilic deck he tried out in a tournament in the LoC only category.

For the January 2021 online tournament I decided to switch things up a little bit and play some LoC Only. I was hoping to get a few more people involved to be able to see a wider variety of decks, but it ended up just being Kye Murphy, his son Sean, and myself. I still think it was a lot of fun and I definitely didn’t expect to see the decks that either of them were running so I think that makes up for the lack of people.

Of course, I had to try out the Postexilic offense and see if it lived down to its undeserved reputation as the worst LoC offense, although admittedly I was definitely one of those who thought so for awhile. The first LoC Only deck I built was a Genesis/Philistine deck since I opened a Father Abraham and a Goliath in my first LoC box, so I decided to give Philistines another shot and really like ’em. Not sure if I’m convinced that they’re the best defense in LoC Only, I think arguments could be made for Assyrians and probably Kings of Judah as well, but I think Phillies are solid enough and have some nice synergy with the DAE’s. As usual, I’ll go more in-depth at the beginning of the video, so I’ll leave ya to it!

Deck: 50
1 Lost Soul “Accusers” (Ezra 4:6) (LoC)
1 Lost Soul “Oppressed” (II Chronicles 16:10) (LoC)
1 Lost Soul “Remiss” (II Chronicles 24:19) (LoC)
1 Lost Soul “Shame” (Jeremiah 3:25) (LoC)
1 Lost Soul “Thorns” (II Samuel 23:6) (LoC)
1 Lost Soul “Unfaithful” (II Chronicles 28:19) (LoC)
1 Lost Soul (Daniel 9:10) (Promo)
1 Chronicles of the Kings (LoC)
1 Ride on Victoriously / Awesome Things (LoC)
1 Doubt (LoC)
1 Zerubbabel’s Temple (LoC)
1 Philistine Garrison (LoC)
1 Damascus  (LoC)
1 Book of the Law (LoC)
1 Matthew’s Begats (LoC Plus)
1 Windows of Narrow Light (LoC)
1 Oath of Purity (LoC)
1 The Lord Delivers! / Am I a Dog? (LoC)
1 Ezra, Favored by God (LoC)
1 Jeshua, the Restorer (LoC)
1 Eliud, the Revolutionary / Eliud, the Pious (LoC)
1 Joshua, the Conqueror (LoC)
1 David, Outcasts’ Refuge / David, the Anointed (LoC)
1 Jehoshaphat, the Seeker / Jehoshaphat, the Meek (LoC)
1 Achim, the Compiler / Achim, the Talmid (LoC)
1 Azor, the Recusant / Azor, the Submissive (LoC)
1 Eliakim, the Expatriate / Eliakim, the Restored (LoC)
1 Zerubbabel, the Chosen / Zerubbabel, the Builder (LoC Plus)
1 Root of Jesse (LoC)
1 Feast of Booths (LoC)
1 Builder’s Sword (LoC)
1 By My Spirit (LoC)
1 Zerubbabel’s Plumb Line (LoC)
1 David’s Descendant (LoC)
1 Solomon’s Dream (LoC)
1 Appointing Judges (LoC)
1 Aliens (LoC Black/Pale Green)
1 Abimelech, King of Gerar (LoC)
1 Commander Phicol (LoC)
1 Goliath (LoC)
1 Philistine Armor Bearer (LoC)
1 Philistine Commanders (LoC)
1 The Herdsmen of Gerar (LoC)
1 Zerah, the Ethiopian (LoC)
1 Jealousy (LoC)
1 Bringing Grief (LoC)
1 Abraham’s Deceit (LoC)
1 Bringing Fear (LoC)
1 Go Away! (LoC)
1 Overrun by Philistines (LoC)
Reserve: 10
1 Bethlehem (LoC)
1 Eleazar, the Potentate / Eleazar, the Vassal (LoC)
1 Matthan, the Defender / Matthan, the Denigrated (LoC)
1 Feast of Trumpets (LoC)
1 Impartial Judgment (LoC)
1 Goliath’s Sword (LoC)
1 Army of a Million Men (LoC)
1 Foreign Horses (LoC)
1 Foreign Spears (LoC)
1 Goliath’s Armor (LoC)

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Last Modified: February 17, 2021

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