The second livestream on Redemption with Jayden was last week and it was certainly a lot of fun. If you weren’t able to join us, that’s alright, the video is still available via the link below and now you’ll have some additional content that wasn’t available at the time because, as you can see below, our decklists and personal summaries for the decks, game, and the draft are now available!

Before getting into that though, a little information about the particulars of this game and the draft afterwards in case you missed it and don’t read the YouTube video description. We compiled a 60-card list of what we think are the best and most used cards in Redemption and used that as a ban list (minus Dominants and Lost Souls) for our decks in this month’s game. After the game, we drafted the cards from that list. Each card we drafted has to be used in our deck for next month’s game and each card our opponents drafted cannot be used in our deck. Below is the list of cards we drafted and who “owns” them and has/gets to use them in their deck and then each of us have our own little rundown to get you all hyped for the next game, happening at 7PM CST on March 4th.


1 Lost Soul (Awake)
1 Lost Soul “Darkness” (Job 30:26) (Promo)
1 Lost Soul (Jeremiah 28:6) (Exiles)
1 Lost Soul (Lawless)
1 Lost Soul (Prosperity)
1 Lost Soul (Remant)
1 Lost Soul (Vindicated)

1 Angel of the Lord (Promo 2018)
1 Grapes of Wrath
1 Guardian Of Your Souls (RoJ AB)
1 New Jerusalem (2019) (Promo)
1 Son of God (Promo 2018)
1 Chronicles of the Kings (LoC Plus)
1 Mayhem (FoM)

1 New Jerusalem (Bride of Christ) (RoJ AB)
1 Patmos (RoJ AB)
1 Wall of Protection (Promo)

1 Four-Drachma Coin
1 Covenant with Abraham (PoC)
1 New Covenant (Jeremiah)
1 Unsuccessful (PoC)

1 Fifth Seal (Justice Seekers) (RoJ AB)
1 Hope

1 Priests of Christ (RoJ AB)
1 Barnabas (EC)
1 Paul (Promo)
1 Justin Martyr (RoJ AB)
1 Polycarp (RoJ AB)
1 Claudia (PC)
1 Epaphras (PC)
1 Peter (EC)
1 Philemon
1 The Watchful Leaders (CoW AB)
1 Naaman’s Servant Girl

1 Fountain of Living Water (PoC)
1 Blood of the Lamb (RoJ AB)
1 Potter and the Clay (PoC)
1 Bless the Nations
1 Faith of Samuel
1 Overcome! (RoJ AB)

1 Aliens (LoC Brown/Gray)
1 The Lying Prophet
1 Outsiders (Black/Gold) (RoJ)
1 Captain of the Chariots (LoC)
1 Emperor Vitellius
1 Sabbath Breaker
1 Sabbath Breaker (FoM)

1 Scattered Sheep
1 Stricken
1 Balaam’s Teaching (RoJ AB)

1 I am Creator
1 John, the Apocalyptist (RoJ AB)
1 The Faithful Leaders (CoW AB)
1 Captive Priest
1 Word of Their Testimony
1 Outpouring
1 Eternal Inheritance
1 Preaching in the Synagogue
1 Gold Shield (LoC)
1 Namaan’s Chariot and Horses

Hey guys! Hopefully you tuned in or watched the replay after the fact. This is the deck that I played. It was an interesting challenge to build a deck with the restrictions that we had. Really the way I looked at it was how fast can I get without playing throne. Post Exilics was an option, but with all the super solid reserve access cards on the ban list I thought maybe Colossae was the way to go. I’ve built and played variants before but never had much success. I know Justin has though, and so I found a list he used last year for the online tournaments and used that as a starting point. The heroes are fairly straightforward, but I included a bunch of plan “b” options because not having a hero to attack is not an option in MP. The enhancements are pretty fun, Prophecies of Christ really added some solid cards for Clay that get underrated. I was looking forward to using Potter and the Clay to get my Peter 1/1 for CBN awesomeness, but found in game that the band was just so much better. 
The defense is a twist on Gray-auto blocks. Using almost impossible to stop battle winners like Unsuccessful and Gold Shield in combination with characters that draw is pretty fun. I wish I had access to Balaams disobedience for the defense, I didn’t realize we had it on the ban list until after I was mostly done building. I also had to play Aliens as my defensive soul gen piece because we had Amalekites’ Slave banned. 
The game went awesome, my deck played as well as I could have hoped. I can’t believe the speed I got off the jump. I was thinking during the game maybe I have too much speed and not enough power, but I think in most games I probably don’t block three times in the first round going +10. I wish I wouldn’t have gotten cute and kept my four cards. Mayhem probably wins the game for me…. 
I was pleased to draft 3rd as it gave me the opportunity to get a “rescue” dominant, which I think will be important in this format. I even got the double up on pick two. I’ll likely have to play couple of good dominants like Grapes and maybe Harvest time to get value for TSC. I was also quite pleased with the souls I was able to pick up. I think my opponents will miss having Remnant available to them. I do regret grabbing TSA as I’m not sure what I’ll do with him. I should have tried to get Balaams disobedience so I could play an improved version of the Gray defense, but I got a Nebby, and I find it a little unlikely someone goes Daniel, so there’s opportunity there. 
Tune in next time to see if my deck holds up!
Greg:1 Lost Soul “Humble” (James 4:6/Proverbs 3:34) (RoJ AB)1 Lost Soul (Distressed)1 Lost Soul (Hunter)1 Lost Soul (Remant)1 Lost Soul (Jeremiah 28:6) (Exiles)1 Lost Soul “Darkness” (Job 30:26) (Promo)1 Lost Soul “Dull” (Hebrews 5:11) (CoW AB)
1 Son of God (Promo 2018)1 The Second Coming (CoW AB)1 Three Woes (RoJ AB)1 Falling Away (Promo 2018)1 Christian Martyr (2019) (Promo)1 Angel of the Lord (Greek)1 Destruction of Nehushtan (PoC)
1 Land of Moab (LoC)1 Bethlehem (LoC)1 Damascus  (Promo)1 Threshing Floor (LoC)
1 Lost Anointing1 Eternal Judgment1 Sin and Justice
1 Boaz’ Sandal1 Golden Cherubim1 Marriage Covenant (LoC)
1 Boaz, the Redeemer / Boaz, the Kind (LoC)1 Boaz’ Foreman (LoC)1 Elimelech (LoC)1 Esther, the Courageous (PoC)1 Jesse, the Ephrathite / Jesse, the Root (LoC)1 Mordecai (PoC)1 Rahab, the Defender / Rahab, the Proselyte (LoC)1 Ruth, the Redeemed / Ruth, the Devoted (LoC)
1 Boaz’ Offspring (LoC)1 Ruth’s Vow (LoC)1 Your God Will Be My God (LoC)1 Joy (EC)1 Gleaning the Fields (J)1 Love Righteousness (CoW AB)1 Ruth Meets Boaz (J)1 Preparing to Return (LoC)1 Shared Meal (LoC)
1 Medium in Endor (CoW AB)1 Queen Vashti1 Gomer (PoC)1 Job’s Wife (RoJ AB)1 Michal (CoW AB)1 Persian Horsemen / Persian Horses1 The Priest of Zeus (Promo)
1 Stiff-Necked1 Wickedness of the Tenants
Reserve:1 I am Creator1 Wasting Disease (PoC)1 Naomi’s Blessing / Heartbroken (LoC)1 Orpah Departs1 Kinsmen’s Agreement (CoW AB)1 Boaz’ Reapers (LoC)1 Obed, the Servant / Obed, the Gift (LoC)1 Jonah (PoC)1 Harvest Season (LoC)1 Haman’s Plot

The offense of this deck was built around Sin and Justice. Run some white female heroes to let it go off, and a primarily female defense so that it could wipe the table while leaving me relatively unscathed. To this end, I went with a primarily Ruth offense, with an Esther/Mordecai splash, and a brown women defense. Clearly, there are some important cards in these that were on the banlist – David and Profane Daughters are the big ones, but I felt the impact of Reap the Whirlwind and Scattered as well. I never got to play S&J, but the general decency of Ruth decks were able to keep me going, more or less (even if I didn’t pilot it particularly well).

During the draft, I ended up taking a lot of the red and Throne-related cards. This started by grabbing Joshua, since he’s great (and, admittedly, partially to keep him separate from AuTO), but from there the other red was a natural take. I’m a little worried about other souls, but I think that grabbing some blanket soul negation may help with that (especially since I’m the only one with Sheol so I fully expect to see some Thorns in the other player’s decks). I also have the foundations of a brown defense, *with* Scattered and Uzzah this time, to build off of.


1    Lost Soul (Daniel 9:5) (Covenant Breakers)

1    Lost Soul (Covet)

2    Lost Soul (Daniel 9:10) (Promo)

1    Lost Soul (Jeremiah 28:6) (Exiles)

1    Lost Soul (Hunter)

1    Lost Soul (Remant)

1    Chronicles of the Kings (LoC Plus)

1    Destruction of Nehushtan (PoC)

1    Three Woes (RoJ AB)

1    Angel of the Lord (Promo 2018)

1    Son of God (Promo 2018)

1    The Second Coming (CoW AB)

1    Mayhem (FoM)

1    Darius’ Decree

1    Golden Cherubim

1    Fifth Seal (Justice Seekers) (RoJ AB)

1    Eternal Judgment

1    Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

1    Daniel, the Apocalyptist (PoC)

1    Daniel’s Guardian

1    Gabriel (Ki)

1    Michael (Ki)

1    Servants by the River

1    The Foretelling Angel (PC)

1    Watcher

1    Abed-nego (Azariah) (PoC)

1    Meshach (Mishael) (PoC)

1    Shadrach (Hananiah) (PoC)

1    Faith

1    The Coming Prince

1    Daniel’s Prayer (Promo)

1    Faith Unbowed (LoC)

1    Stone Cut Without Hands

1    Virgin Birth

1    Wheel within a Wheel (FooF)

1    Harvest Season (LoC)

1    Undefiled

1    Angelic Guidance (I)

1    Astrologers (PoC)

1    Chaldeans (Promo)

1    Conjurers

1    Soothsayers of Babylon

1    Lions (CoW AB)

1    The Babylonian Merchants

1    Balaam’s Prophecy

1    Invoking Terror (LoC)

1    Belshazzar’s Banquet

1    Great Image (PoC)

1    Nebuchadnezzar’s Pride


1    Magic Charms

1    I am Creator

1    Moses’ Parents (CoW AB)

1    Naaman’s Servant Girl

1    Faith of Daniel (CoW AB)

1    Faith of Moses (CoW AB)

1    Envy

1    Nicolatian’s Teaching (RoJ AB)

1    Thrown to the Beasts

1    Death of Unrighteous (FoM)

So when thinking about what deck to build for our “banlist” T1 MP game, I had a few things in mind. First, I wanted to have a fast deck. T1 MP nearly always comes down to who draws their key cards first so having a deck that could give me card advantage was a top priority. Since most of the “staple” cards that do that without needing a specific deck type were on the banlist, I decided I would need to play a specific strategy that had a lot of synergies for card advantage. A second consideration was that I wanted to have a deck that used both offense and defense. There’s a wide range of perspectives on how much defense is the “correct” amount of defense in T1 MP, but for this particular game, we did not just want to be handing out free lost souls. Lastly, I wanted a strategy that had some strong banding potential since cards like Scattered and Reap the Whirlwind were on the banlist. 

Now putting those ideas together could have led to many different decks, but I decided to try the Daniel deck. The idea would be to get Foretelling Angel on turn 1 and then hopefully find the powerful banding Heroes in the Daniel theme to pick up rescues. Of the non-Daniel cards in the deck, there were only a couple that did not do one of two things: help me find Foretelling Angel or change the top card of my deck (either through a search, draw or some other ability). The other advantage I saw with the Daniel deck was that it did not “miss” very many cards that were on the banlist. The one card I really wish I could have used was Divination as that is one of the best (if not the best) ways to manipulate the top of one’s deck.

Overall I was pretty satisfied with how the deck did. I got the turn 1 Foretelling Angel, and even got it back on turn 2 after Jayden shuffled it with Jonah. Unfortunately, having to get it back forced me to spend one of my “deck shuffling” effects without having Foretelling Angel in play so I did not get very many extra cards off of it during the first two turns, which was a bit unlucky. I thought my opening turn rescue of Daniel/Michael with Faith Unbowed to back them up would surely get a LS, but John had the Unsuccessful to use on Emperor Vitellius. I’m not sure if he had any other blockers, but if I had just gone with Daniel or Michael solo, I might have gotten that first LS, which could have definitely shifted the outcome. I did pull out quite a few cards on turns 3 and 4 with Foretelling Angel, but I was not able to find The Second Coming which I needed to have a chance at winning. All in all it was a pretty good game as indicated by the 5-4-4-4 final score.

When choosing the draft order, I ended up with the choice of picking second or fourth. I decided to go with fourth as I felt that would give me the opportunity to pick two dominants that would work well together. As it turns out, I was able to take Three Woes and Chronicles of the Kings, giving me some incredibly flexible rescue and blocking options. I took Elijah as a key Hero to build around and also ended up with several strong Magicians to base my defense around. Looking forward to brewing up something fun to use in a couple weeks—hope to see you on the stream!


1 Lost Soul (Covet)

1 Lost Soul (Jeremiah 28:6) (Exiles)

1 Lost Soul “Humble” (James 4:6/Proverbs 3:34) (RoJ AB)

1 Lost Soul (Hunter)

1 Lost Soul (Prosperity)

1 Lost Soul (Remant)

1 Lost Soul (Wicked)

1 Angel of the Lord (Promo 2018)

1 Son of God “Manger” (Promo)

1 The Second Coming (CoW AB)

1 Valley of Dry Bones (PoC)

1 Chronicles of the Kings (LoC Plus)

1 Three Woes (RoJ AB)

1 Mayhem (FoM)

1 The Tabernacle (Promo)

1 Golden Cherubim

1 Urim and Thummim (PoC)

1 Covenant with Abraham (PoC)

1 Oath of Purity (LoC)

1 Unsuccessful (PoC)

1 Every Tribe (RoJ AB)

1 Ezekiel, the Vindicator (PoC)

1 Jeremiah, Hope Bringer

1 Zechariah, the Renewer

1 Daniel, the Apocalyptist (PoC)

1 Melchizedek

1 Zadok (PoC)

1 Aaron, God’s Mediator

1 Captive Priest

1 Cherubim (PoC)

1 Michael (Ki)

1 Jonah (PoC)

1 The Watchman (Promo)

1 Faith

1 Offering Your Son

1 The First Sacrifice

1 Eyes to See

1 Faith Unbowed (LoC)

1 Pentecost (FoM)

1 Wheel within a Wheel (FooF)

1 Proud Pharisee

1 Emperor Nero (Promo)

1 Emperor Vitellius

1 The Entrapping Pharisees

1 The Terrifying Beast (PoC)

1 The Lying Prophet

1 Balaam’s Prophecy

1 Balaam’s Teaching (RoJ AB)

1 Scattered Sheep

1 Pretension


1 Book of the Law (Promo)

1 Fire Foxes (CoW AB)

1 Moses (Promo)

1 Jeshua, the Restorer (LoC)

1 Phinehas, son of Eleazar (FoM)

1 Faith of Daniel (CoW AB)

1 Faith of Samuel (CoW AB)

1 Zeal for the Lord

1 Words of Encouragement (Wa)

1 The Serpent (Promo)

I had a few different ideas for my deck going in since a lot of the mainstream offenses were taken. I was thinking a Postexilic deck could still be decent since most of the Heroes were still available for that, but losing out on Emmaus Road, Book of the Covenant, Solomon’s Dream, and a few other consistency pieces made me think it wouldn’t be nearly as effective. I knew that in general, our decks would be slower (might have judged John’s deck a little too quickly) so I thought a Daniel deck could be strong since it doesn’t use a lot of the typical consistency pieces and can still get a lot of card advantage or a Priests deck could be good since it has a lot of strong rescues, especially if your opponents can’t outpace you as easily. I decided to mix them together a little bit with some prophets in between to combine the power of Daniel and Michael with the value of Heroes like Jeremiah. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to try out the Eyes to See/Jeshua combo in a multi game, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to pull it off. Maybe I’ll try to sneak it in my deck again for next time…

The game was quite fun, especially since we all brought completely different decks to the table, and my deck worked pretty much exactly as I expected it would: a little chunky and slow, but powerful and versatile enough to make consistently solid attacks. I think things certainly could have gone terribly for me since all power and no speed can be a recipe for disaster in multiplayer which rewards getting your Dominants quickly, but at a certain point, if you put enough powerful cards in your deck then it’s hard to get a dead draw, and that’s really what I was going for. The bright side of not drawing many cards though is that I didn’t have too many Lost Souls show up. Sometimes that can actually be a bad thing, but in this case I think it was good for me because my defense wasn’t showing up too much either.

Following the game, I got the privilege of starting off the draft and of course I started things off with Son of God. Can’t really go wrong there. I’m actually pretty happy with how the rest of the draft went. I was a little bummed that Greg sniped the Joshua after I took AUtO because that certainly reduces my options a lot for the direction of the offense since AUtO/Josh can basically improve any offense, so we’ll have to see what offense I end up going with. Goliath, King of Tyrus, and The Wages of Sin set me up for a fairly streamlined black defense, but I think there’s definitely still some opportunity for splashing there, so I’m pretty excited to get working on the deck.

I think not only distributing the most powerful cards, but also knowing who has each of them in their deck is going to make the game super interesting and I’ll be interested to see what techs people end up including for certain cards. The current plan is for each of us to pre-record a short “deck tech” before the game so you guys can see what we’ll be playing ahead of time, but I’m not sure how we’re going to incorporate that with the livestream quite yet, so stay tuned!

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