This week’s Redemption with Jayden video features a double-header between the Ruth/Moabites Contender Deck from Your Turn Games piloted by John Hendrix and the brand new Red/Black Contender Deck.

As usual, I start out with a quick overview of the deck, going through and making note of some of the strong plays and synergies in the deck.  Then we get into the two games, which I ended up including both of because I felt neither game really showcased both of the decks well enough and I thought seeing two would give a better idea of the potential that both decks have. Plus, who wouldn’t want more Redemption? Huge thanks to John for working with me to get these games scheduled and played. This was his first appearance on the channel but not at all likely to be his last. I think both of these decks are at a great power level for the price point available, so hopefully you like the decks and enjoy the games!

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