This week on Redemption with Jayden an introduction to the Type 1 Multiplayer category is given with an exciting prophets deck!

Type 1 Multiplayer is likely the most underappreciated category in Redemption, and while I’m not a huge fan of it myself, it can be fun to play and it’s certainly interesting to multi-ify different offensive themes and strategies. In this week’s video, I start out with some tips for playing multiplayer games and building multiplayer decks, and then I go specifically in detail about a Prophets deck that Mike Lasky (777Godspeed) sent me a while back after he took second with it in T1-MP at the Idaho State tournament. He told me that he didn’t have a whole lot of experience with Prophets but he had fun with the deck and it did well so he wanted some feedback and thoughts on the deck. Since playing multiplayer games on Lackey would probably get a little too chaotic and it’s been a good while since I built a T1-MP deck myself, I figured this was a good opportunity to talk about T1-MP on the channel for the first (and potentially the last…) time.

I’ll give a brief list covering some of the tips I give in the video so you can remember more easily, but definitely check out the video to get detailed explanations and exceptions to each of these.


  • Spread out the souls
  • Be extra mindful of triggered abilities
  • In general, card value > successfully defending


  • 50 cards with Hopper (not even sure if there are exceptions)
  • Offense-heavy
  • Multiple soul generation options (Majestic Heavens, Covet LS, Awake LS, etc.)
  • Vary your speed methods. Leaning too heavily into searching or too heavily into drawing means one counter card can potentially be devastating. Also, don’t rely on your defense to be your speed.

Last but definitely not least, probably even most, this week’s video is the debut of the intro for all the future videos on my channel, so huge shout-out to Kathryn Lee for helping me out with that. If T1 multi is not your thing, you should definitely at least check out the video for the intro because it’s super cool!

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Last Modified: February 17, 2021

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