Top Cut Savvy is a weekly podcast hosted and produced by John Earley and Josiah Beers. In today’s feature John and Josiah discuss the recent change to ignore and strategies to bring in new players.. Subscribe

Top Cut Savvy – Episode 4

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One thought on “Top Cut Savvy – “Growing the Game”

  1. Joseph Schaefer

    I just wanted to comment on the whole Royal Rangers thing. Royal Rangers is a Christian organization that is primarily associated with the assemblies of god denomination but is not solely an AG thing. It is basically a Christian version of boy scouts that focuses on mentoring young men and boys. The thing that really separates it from just being a direct competitor to boy scouts is the focus that is put on mentoring spiritually and within the faith. Royal Rangers is a nation wide thing with outposts all over the country and many outposts are looking for players to demonstrate the game or teach them more about it all over the country. Roy’s efforts have bore much fruit and where it goes from here is largely dependent on the Redemption community’s response to it. I would urge everyone who is passionate about Redemption to check out Roy’s posts on Discord and the Forums to see if there is a RR outpost near you who is looking for someone to help teach them. Their largest gathering that happens every 4 years is this year as well and Redemption will have a presence there. Assuming the covid-19 pandemic doesnt change this it will be an opportunity to demonstrate the game to somewhere around 6000 people. Please I urge anyone who may be able to help to reach out to Roy Cruz.

    I love the podcasts so far. Keep it up guys.

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