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Top Cut Savvy – Intro part 1

Top Cut Savvy – Intro part 2

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5 thoughts on “Top Cut Savvy – Intro

  1. Isaac Miller

    Thanks for the glowing endorsement of Iowa lol

    1. John Earley

      It’s true! Move to Iowa! I’m pretty sure I was in Iowa when I won one of my titles.

  2. Jonathan Steckmann

    Nice podcast guys. I would like to hear some episodes about LoC and all the strategies that will delevop with the realease of this set. I believe this is going to be a huge game changing set.

  3. John Earley

    Jonathan, thanks for listening! We have a special “meek week” planned for the very near future. I believe we have an episode discussing meta decks ready for next week. The week after I think you’ll hear some rules discussion. So hopefully right around the beginning of March you’ll see something on meek.

  4. Derek T.

    Great job guys! Love these podcasts. Good info, good hosts, and nice format! I’d love to hear testimonies from folks about how Redemption has helped changed their life for the better regarding their faith walk. I’d also like to hear tips on how to build an thriving playgroup. That would be a good one for Chris F. or John M. to do. 😉

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