For this second installment of Lineage of Christ constructed we’re going to take a look at the all new postexilic theme paired with a defense that packs a lot of raw power – Philistines.

One of the strengths of postexilic Heroes is the “toolbox” of negates they have verses all evil brigades except orange. No matter what color of defense you’re facing you can find a postexilic Hero that will negate humans of that brigade – Zadok, Eliakim, Shealtiel, Jacob, Matthan and Azor.

Heroes like Zerubbabel, Ezra Favored by God and Jeshua, the Restorer are powerhouses that help ensure your success. Although the build I’ve used in this deck has a lot of good things going for it, the offense probably isn’t the optimal build for postexilics. It was built in order to fully test the 4 LoC Feasts and their viability.

Goliath and Philistine Garrison are strong blockers on their own, but when combined with things like Philistine Commanders, Household Idols and Goliath’s Armor they become even tougher to deal with.

Here’s my black and gold “Hawkeye” deck featuring postexilics and Philistines:


  • Chronicles of the Kings
  • Ride on Victoriously / Awesome Things
  • Doubt
  • Led Astray

Lost Souls

  • 4x Lost Soul (II Chronicles 24:19)
  • Lost Soul (II Chronicles 16:10) (Oppressed)
  • Lost Soul (II Chronicles 28:19) (Unfaithful)
  • Lost Soul (Jeremiah 3:25) (shame)

Support Cards

  • Book of the Law
  • Household Idols
  • Wall of Protection
  • Zerubbabel’s Temple
  • Oath of Purity
  • Goliath’s Curse
  • Philistine Garrison
  • The Lord Delivers! / Am I a Dog?


  • Eliud, the Revolutionary / Eliud, the Pious
  • Ezra, Favored by God
  • Jeshua, the Restorer
  • Joshua, the Conqueror
  • Matthan, the Defender / Matthan, the Denigrated
  • Eliakim, the Expatriate / Eliakim, the Restored
  • Azor, the Recusant / Azor, the Submissive
  • Achim, the Compiler / Achim, the Talmid
  • Abihud, the Progeny / Abihud, the Exilarch
  • Zerubbabel, the Chosen / Zerubbabel, the Builder

Good Enhancements

  • Root of Jesse
  • By My Spirit
  • Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • Feast of Trumpets
  • Feast of Atonement
  • Feast of Booths
  • Zerubbabel’s Plumb Line

Evil Characters

  • Aliens
  • Goliath
  • Philistine Commanders
  • Commander Phicol
  • Philistine Armor Bearer
  • The Herdsmen of Gerar
  • Ahuzzath
  • Servants of Achish
  • Abimelech, King of Gerar

Evil Enhancements

  • Bringing Grief
  • Bringing Fear
  • Overrun by Philistines
  • Go Away!
  • Goliath’s Armor


  • Shealtiel, the Heir / Shealtiel, the Exilarch
  • Zadok, the Consummate / Zadok, the Unassuming
  • Appointing Judges
  • Impartial Judgment
  • Torn Kingdom
  • Goliath’s Sword
  • Philistine Invaders
  • Foreign Spears
  • Abraham’s Deceit
  • Land Dispute

You can view all of the spoiled LoC card images in their final (sent to print) form in our Lineage of Christ imgur album. Additional cards will be added as they are spoiled. Some of the cards from this deck have yet to be spoiled so our team will work on revealing those over the next few days.

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