Lineage of Christ constructed was a fun format to test. It was an accessible way to test interactions within the set itself since we wanted things to function well for booster draft. Obviously drafting isn’t nearly as easy to do but we did several tests drafts as well.

The Genesis Heroes have the most depth of any of the good themes in LoC. It’s possible to build 3 entirely different offenses with Genesis Heroes without using any duplicates!

The deck I’m going to share with you today used an offense that focused on testing the LoC patriarchs and cards designed to function with them. Abraham is an UR in LoC and the central piece of the patriarchs offense. He’s not mine to spoil though so you’ll have to wait to learn more about him.

There are a couple obvious defensive pairings that can go with Genesis. Both crimson and black offer good synergy. Because of the relationship between Jacob and Esau related cards I chose to pair crimson Edomites and animals with this offense.

Test decks aren’t always designed to be ultra competitive. Most of the time there’s a balance between using cards that you want to try out and using the most optimal cards available for your deck.

One of the strategies that I used towards the end of our testing window was to include Led Astray in my test decks whether or not they had other cards that could take advantage of meek Lost Souls. If the defense wasn’t designed around meek souls I would use 3 Lost Souls with an SA that could be helpful and 4 that were meek. That usually turned out to allow Led Astray to get a block.

Here’s the patriarchs and Edomites deck I call “Battle of Brothers”!


  • Chronicles of the Kings
  • Ride on Victoriously / Awesome Things
  • Doubt
  • Led Astray

Lost Souls

  • 4x Lost Soul (II Chronicles 24:19) 
  • Lost Soul (II Chronicles 16:10) (Oppressed)
  • Lost Soul (II Samuel 23:6) (thorns) 
  • Lost Soul (Jeremiah 3:25) (shame)


  • Asherah Pole
  • Book of the Law
  • Matthew’s Begats

Dual Alignment

  • Covenant with Philistia 
  • Edomite Camp
  • Brothers Reunited
  • Stolen Blessing
  • Land Dispute


  • Father Abraham / Faithful Abraham 
  • Jacob, Follower of God / Israel, Retainer of God 
  • Noah, the Righteous / Noah (Rest and Comfort) 
  • Terah, the Delayed / Terah, the Wanderer
  • Tamar, the Widow / Tamar, the Righteous
  • Nahor, the Scorched / Nahor, the Noble
  • Judah, the Leader / Judah, the Substitute 
  • Isaac, Willing Sacrifice / Isaac, the Blessed 
  • Rebekah, the Bride / Rebekah, the Barren 
  • Perez, the Younger / Perez, Bursting Forth 
  • Leah, Weary-Eyed / Leah, God’s Choice 

Good Enhancements

  • Root of Jesse 
  • Feast of Atonement
  • Israel’s Blessing 
  • The Lord Provides
  • Abraham’s Descendant 
  • Judah’s Intervention 

Evil Characters

  • Aliens
  • Army of a Million Men 
  • Basemath
  • Hadad, the Exiled
  • Judith 
  • Charioteers of Seir 
  • Edomite Captors
  • The King of Edom
  • Esau, the Hunter 

Evil Enhancements

  • Invoking Terror 
  • Bringing Grief
  • Destroying Bands
  • Mercenary Chariots
  • Turncoat


  • Enosh, the Worshiper / Enosh (Mortal)
  • Israel’s Bow
  • Abraham’s Servant to Ur 
  • Jacob Buries the Idols 
  • Wild Ox
  • Hungry Lion
  • Worship of Edom
  • Hadad Flees
  • Abducted Subjects
  • Edomite Rebellion

You can view all of the spoiled LoC card images in their final (sent to print) form in our Lineage of Christ imgur album. Additional cards will be added as they are spoiled. A number of the cards from this deck have yet to be spoiled so our team will work on revealing those over the next few days.

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