Articles for March 2021

Redemption with Jayden – Fight or Site

This week on Redemption with Jayden we’re trying out a type of deck that hasn’t been seen much in the meta lately because some of the most popular cards in the meta (namely Joshua, the Conqueror) just make it kinda hard to pull off. You guessed it (or you read the title of the link you clicked on)–Site Lock!

Redemption with Jayden – Tutorial Part 3

This week on Redemption with Jayden, we’re adding to the Tutorials on the channel with a Part 3 on learning how to play Redemption. Throughout the video, I mention a couple things that I haven’t gone over in the first tutorial videos like Cities and Star cards, and then I also play a Sealed Deck game with Justin “The Guardian” Alstad.

CtheTree’s Take On…Daniel Deck!

Due to encouragement from the community Land of Redemption editor Chad has decided to post his series on deck building to LoR that he is doing on the forums. This week enjoy this article on his take on Daniel Deck!

Brigade Basics: White and Purple

We are pleased to present a revision of an LoR classic: the Brigade Basics series by Zac Cornell! This series now includes cards from Prophecies of Christ and Lineage of Christ. We are starting with the good brigades. This week white and purple will be covered.