Articles for December 2020

Redemption with Jayden – Giving Corinth a Shot

In this week’s video I try out a brand new Corinth deck where the main strategy is to use Titus Justus to protect my Corinth Heroes from most Evil Characters by decreasing their toughness. To make sure my Evil Characters stay safe though, I paired the offense with a standalone-type defense with beefy characters like King of Tyrus, Red Dragon, and Emperor Nero.

Redemption with Jayden: 24 Lil’ Gifts for Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve! This week’s video is a Lineage of Christ Super Pack unboxing. It was fun to try out since I usually just play games and discuss decks on my channel, so maybe I’ll do it more often as my wallet allows… Hope y’all enjoy and I’m certainly open to suggestions if there’s anything you guys wanna see!

Resource Management: Time

The late Steve Jobs once said, “My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

Now it was easy enough for him to say that while he and his company, Apple Inc., spent their efforts having us reach into our wallets for the new iPhone every holiday season. And since his passing, Tim Cook, his replacement at Apple, has continued that trend of releasing high end electronics at the peak of shopping seasons. That would be to say they are capitalizing on time in a sense different from the aforementioned quote. But nonetheless it shows how time can be manipulated and used to gain an advantage, all while still being the single greatest resource each of us have.

Community Event: Christmas Card Swap

This year we are going to try doing a community wide card swap for the Christmas season. I had this idea pop in my head a few weeks back, and I think it could be really fun! Obviously, this will be better with the more participants we get, so spread the word and encourage your friends and playgroup members to participate.