Articles for September 2015

Building a Better Mousetrap – From Chumps to Champs: How the Tiny, Little Panic Demons Became the Focus of a Nationals Winner Part 1

When it comes to Redemption sets, Angel Wars is not high on most players’ rankings. From varying opinions on the artwork to a lot of concepts that may have been before their time, there are several things about the set that make players largely avoid most of the set when it comes to deckbuilding.

The Christian-Likeness of David

David is, after Jesus, my favorite Biblical person. I am fascinated by the dynamics of his life, his heart, and his relationship with the Lord. David seems to have the highest highs and the lowest lows of anyone else in Scripture and yet God’s summarizing statement of him both before he is first introduced as a young teenager (1 Samuel 13:14) as well as long after he had passed away (Acts 13:22) is “a man after God’s own heart.” Let’s examine how David is “Christian-Like” using The Redemption Bible!

Joseph – A Patriarch’s Journey

As a blast from the past, today we’d like to direct you to an old article that was posted on the Cactus Game Design message boards. Take a walk with us through the development of Joseph as he was printed in the 2011 FooF tin.

Building a Better Mousetrap – The Heroless of the North: From 2007 Until Today

I’ve always liked defense. I’m not sure what it is, but ever since I started playing Redemption competitively, I’ve always favored decks that rely more on the defense to stop your opponents from winning than on the offense (of course I also like to win, so I do put some thought into my offense, but I just don’t enjoy it as much. Who knows, maybe I have a good twin running around somewhere…).

Why So Quiet?

Our regular readers might be wondering why we had a couple days without content this past week. Is Land of Redemption closing its doors?

I can assure you, we’re not going anywhere. There are a number of reasons for the slow week, and why we might have a few more slow weeks before things pick back up.

Building a Better Mousetrap

This series will be devoted to one of my favorite parts of Redemption: Deck building. Each article will describe a deck concept that I have used in the past, and how that deck concept developed over time to be successful (or in some cases, not so much).

Drafting with Drrek – Apostles

Welcome back finally to Drafting with Drrek after our long hiatus as we look at my least favorite pack, Apostles.  Still there are a few diamonds in this pack and you want to be sure that you can recognize them if they come to you.

Beginnings Of The Twin Cities Playgroup

When my son was 8 years old he found something called Redemption cards at our church bookstore (1). We tried to figure out how to play with the rulebook and had fun but we didn’t quite know how to play correctly. We learned online that the 2002 Nationals was in Rochester, MN so we went because my wife thought she would like to go shopping there. We found the tournament and stayed about 30 minutes. While we were there, we met Chris Bany who invited us to come to Rochester for their regular tournaments and game nights. Chris had a tournament every month and a game night on Fridays the weekends they didn’t hold the tournament (2).

Learning From Our Peers – Counting the Cost

If you’re familiar with other CCGs then you’re aware that most use some kind of cost system as a way to build up resources as the game progresses and to balance the power level of cards. Some use energy, mana, or coins as a means of paying a cost to play your cards. One of the things I liked about Redemption when I was first introduced is that you could just play your cards. The game doesn’t have a cost system. Or does it?

Got a Counter? Toss

Offensive toss is dangerous for opposing defenses.  Most effective evil Enhancements have little to no strength resulting in poor use in a toss battle so it is best to utilize other methods when attempting to block.

Do You Wanna Build a Type 2?

(To the tune of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman”)
Do you wanna build a Type Two?
They are so fun to play
Wasn’t sure it could be so
I tried it though
And I’ve never gone away
If you want a challenge
And something new
Then why not give it a try!
Do you wanna build a Type Two?
Then please give me a chance to help you!