Articles for May 2015

Balaam Ep. 1: “A Troubled Path”

Warning: donkeys were definitely harmed in the making of this story.

Although Joshua would later lead Israel in Capturing Canaan, there were some wild encounters and adventures back in their time of wilderness wandering. Numbers 21 records several great victories by the hand of the Lord. Today we pick up in Numbers 22 with the trembling king of Moab. He wondered if he would be the next enemy to be trampled by these wandering worshippers of the Almighty God.

Blue Brigade Genesis Offense

By the perfect authority of His Word, the Holy Bible, we know that about 6,000 years ago, God created the heavens and the earth over six 24-hour days. Humanity was uniquely created on the sixth day in God’s image to live forever in face-to-face loving relationship with Him amongst the rest of Creation (yes even including the then-peaceful dinosaurs!) in the perfect universe God made and called “very good” (Genesis 1:31).

Hosting a Redemption Play Group

One of the things I’d like to see here at Land of Redemption are resources for play group leaders and aspiring play group leaders. We have some very successful play group pleaders in this game. I’ve reached out to a few of them and some are willing to share insights with us, when their schedule allows. The type of person who hosts a play group is typically someone who gives of themselves. Those type of people usually have a pretty full schedule. In the meantime, I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned as a play group leader, mostly by trial and error.

Unloved Brigades: The Red-only Offense

Back in the day, red was on the receiving end of many Redemption jokes, due to its lack of viability as a single-color offense. It didn’t have cannot-be-negated (CBN) battlewinners, it didn’t have high-quality Heroes that could win battles by themselves, it didn’t have enough “speed” (searching and drawing), it didn’t have high-quality support cards, etc. I remember reading the Redemption boards once a year to see Bryon once again ask the Redemption community what the game needed to see in its upcoming expansion. Red was always receiving a large number of recommendations, but still couldn’t find its way into top decks after receiving targeted support year after year. Even after receiving a big boost in the 2011 expansion, red is still seen primarily as a brigade that needs secondary support.

More Redemption Meta Gaming

In this episode Alex and Westy discuss the announce prizes for Nationals, the message boards, moderation and why a couple members chose to no longer participate in that forum.

Browa’s Budget Bazaar – Justifying the Judges

Hello and welcome to Browa’s Budget Bazaar!

This article series is designed to provide quick and simple deck ideas in general, as well as for specific themes, that won’t be hard on your wallet! There will also be suggestions for those with more available funds on how to spruce up the deck.


Today’s Topic: Upgrading our Ruth/Judges deck from the very first article.

Today we’ll be using the I/J and G/H starter decks found in the 4th edition and 10th anniversary boxes respectively as well as Faith of our Fathers tin 2 and Rock of Ages tins 18 and 23.

Hearkening all the way back to the very first article in the Bazaar, which you can look at here, today we’re going to update our white/gold deck with some tins. As mentioned in the upgrade section for that deck, there isn’t much Ruth support outside the I/J decks so we’re going to remove the white part of our deck and make it a solid Judges offense. We’ll lose the recurring utility of the Ruth cards but we’ll gain access to several powerful cards including an awesome Fortress!

Combo Corner – The Winds of Change

Have you ever wondered why we have so many errata’s? Why we’ve changed rules year after year? Why I can discard a hand of 0 cards? Here in Combo Corner, I’m going to attempt to answer those questions to the best of my ability, using my knowledge of the history of the game to fuel those discussions.

Win a Chance to Create Your Own Card!

Have you ever had an idea for a card that you thought would be really cool if you could make a card for Redemption? When you’re having your quiet time in the Bible, do you ever get distracted because the scripture sparks a cool card idea? When you’re playing the game, have you ever thought that your favorite deck or theme is missing an ability that would really make it fun or help you deal with a certain problem? Having visited the card creation section of the message boards I know we have a lot of creative players out there with good ideas. Now is your chance to make that great idea a reality!

Sabbath Breaker – “Sticks or Sabbath?”

The book of Numbers records the events and travels of the Israelites. The first section records the events during the year in the wilderness of Sinai, following by the trails in the plains of Moab, and ending with preparations for conquering Canaan. Numbers can be a bit of a hard read because of the strange mix of information. In some sections we have armies and tribal counts, in others we have records of commands, offerings, and ceremonial law. However, there are several very interesting stories sprinkled throughout the book! For instance, the story of Balaamʼs disobedience, and the story of Phinehas, son of Eleazar (weʼll take a look at these stories in upcoming weeks!).

Healing? Why Not? – Part 1

With the release of The Serpent and his paralyze ability, I believe we might begin to see a new defensive strategy emerge as a viable option. In The Early Church set we gained a card in Adjourn that paralyzes Heroes and can win a battle by causing a stalemate. It stands to reason that more are on the way in future sets.

Sneak Peak – Created by Christ

Mr. Rob Anderson has given me permission to share one of the cards that we’re testing for the new set. It was difficult to choose just one. I have a few favorites that I’m really excited for the players to see, but I’ve selected one of them to share with you. Before we get to the card, let’s take a look at how it came to be.

Lost Soul Rankings

Ranking Lost Souls is a daunting challenge. There are currently 39 different Lost Soul abilities if you count the 2 and 3-liner separately. You might ask, “How can you possibly rank such an array of abilities when they interact so differently in different decks?” The honest answer is that you can’t. Understanding how souls interact with each individualized deck is a crucial part of Redemption and a crucial part of upping your skill level. Sense ranking souls is so particular, I am going to create 7 tiers of Lost Souls and place each soul in a tier with a small explanation.

Theme Overview: Babylonians

Throughout the Bible, Babylon is the primary city representative of the world of sin and Satan’s kingdom. Indeed, in Isaiah 14, the chapter describing Lucifer’s fall, he is referred to as “The king of Babylon” (v.4)! From Genesis 10-11 (Nimrod and the Tower of Babel) to Revelation 17-18 (the Harlot Babylon), Babylon is the city of organized, corporate revolt against God and His Kingdom.

In Redemption, the main focus of Babylonian cards is on the exile of Judah in 586 B.C. by the Babylonian forces led by King Nebuchadnezzar. Because of the Israelites’ unrepentant rebellion against God, the Lord allowed Babylon to destroy the magnificent Solomon’s Temple and capture the Israelites in the southern kingdom (the northern kingdom of Israel had already been exiled by the Assyrians in 721 B.C.).

Browa’s Budget Bazaar – Tins that Try to Tussle

Hello and welcome to Browa’s Budget Bazaar!

This article series is designed to provide quick and simple deck ideas in general, as well as for specific themes, that won’t be hard on your wallet! There will also be suggestions for those with more available funds on how to spruce up the deck.


Today’s Topic: Creating a deck with only tin cards (and generic Souls)

Today we’ll be using 6 tins from the Faith of Our Fathers and Rock of Ages sets.

-Faith of our Fathers tins 3, 20, and 21

-Rock of Ages tins 11, 13, and 17

Redemption National Tournament

This year the Redemption National Tournament is taking place at Meridian Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN from Thursday, July 30 to Saturday, August 1st. Unlike some other games, you don’t need to qualify to participate, it’s open to all players of any age!

If you’ve never attended a Redemption tournament, let me assure you, it’s probably unlike any competitive event you’ve participated in. The environment is casual, with the primary focus being on fun and fellowship. It’s a gathering of old friends and new ones, sharing their love of this exciting game that’s based on God’s word.

Development of a Card – Boaz’ Sandal

Today we’re going to take a peak behind the curtain to give the Redemption fan base a glimpse at what goes on during the design and development of a card. The process isn’t the same every time. Some cards have a really good story, while others don’t have much to talk about.

In the beginning…

Boaz’ Sandal came to be during the design and development of the I & J starter set, when the Ruth theme first came to be. We knew that we wanted to keep the starter sets simple to make the game easy to learn. That meant that we weren’t going to include Artifacts,

Old Cards, New Ideas: Watchful Servant

Today, we will be taking a look at Watchful Servant (WS).  This card was printed in 2010 with the Disciples expansion.  His ability:

“Protected from capture and conversion.  Ignores Evil Characters with toughness greater than X.”

His identifier “X” is equal to the number of cards in opponent’s deck.  Therefore, when your opponent has no cards in deck, WS ignores all of opponent’s Evil Characters (ignoring any tricks you can do with Crown of Thorns and protect Fortresses…).  A few players, myself included, used WS decks from time to time following the Disciples release.  A WS deck would include a large defense, and in my case, Sites as well.  The goal was to survive your opponent’s offensive attack until he/she decked out, and then you could walk in for free rescues. 

Apollos – Gentle Correction, Loving Companions

Today we’re going to jump forward to the New Testament to learn about a man named Apollos. But before we do, we need to meet some other folks. There are just some characters that you can’t dig into without first digging into the people that surround them.

In fact, just to get our brains in gear, let’s try out some examples. Take a minute and comment below with an answer for a couple of the blanks, but don’t hog them all (or as we might say in redemption, limit 3).

___ and Robin
___ and Tonto
___ and Chewbacca
___ and Dr. Watson
___ and Garfunkel
___, ___, ___, and the Human Torch
___ and Jerry
___ and Ernie
___ and Cher
___ and Lois Lane
___, ___, ___, and Donatello

These team-ups and duos exist in movies, in books, in cartoons, in music, and yes EVEN in the Bible…