Resurrecting Old Treasures – Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

That’s right, boys and girls, we’re back after a brief hiatus! This week’s Resurrecting Old Treasures looks at Paul. Obviously a large portion of the new set helps Paul out. Honestly, quite a few people were expecting a Paul reprint after we started revealing cards – Paul’s Disciples, Blinding Light, Annanias of Damascus are all obvious cards that help Paul.

Resurrecting Old Treasures – A Literal Treasure

This week in Resurrecting Old Treasures we’re looking at a literal Treasure: Hidden Treasures. The Early Church set has given this card more application. There are a number of cards that we printed that make this card very useful – chiefly Barnabas, Silas and Agabus – wait, sorry, we didn’t reprint him, maybe next year. It is very easy to splash these guys into a deck and take advantage of some pre-block goodies.