Building a Better Mousetrap – Jeepers Creepers Part 1

Jeepers Creepers:  How a Rules Clarification Helped Create a Dominant Defense – Part 1

To those of you who read my last issue and expected to see the cliffhanger resolved as to what it was that made the Jeepers Creepers defense dominant, I apologize. Life has a way of getting in the way of even some of our favorite past times, as it has been for me the last few months or so. But the wait is over! So without further ado, I present to you this next issue of Building a Better Mousetrap.

Building a Better Mousetrap – The Glory Days of an Under-Appreciated Dominant: A Deck that Countered Everything

This article is probably going to be one of my shorter ones, not really because I don’t have the time or energy to do a longer write-up, but more because I don’t necessarily remember the full story. After all, it was 11 years ago that the story takes place. That’s right, this edition of BaBM will take you way back: to a time before AUtO, Thaddeus, and The Garden Tomb; before the Dominant Cap and Rescue Rule; and probably, for most of you reading this, a time before you even knew there was such a thing as Redemption.

Building a Better Mousetrap – From Chumps to Champs: How the Tiny, Little Panic Demons Became the Focus of a Nationals Winner Part 1

When it comes to Redemption sets, Angel Wars is not high on most players’ rankings. From varying opinions on the artwork to a lot of concepts that may have been before their time, there are several things about the set that make players largely avoid most of the set when it comes to deckbuilding.

Building a Better Mousetrap – The Heroless of the North: From 2007 Until Today

I’ve always liked defense. I’m not sure what it is, but ever since I started playing Redemption competitively, I’ve always favored decks that rely more on the defense to stop your opponents from winning than on the offense (of course I also like to win, so I do put some thought into my offense, but I just don’t enjoy it as much. Who knows, maybe I have a good twin running around somewhere…).

Building a Better Mousetrap

This series will be devoted to one of my favorite parts of Redemption: Deck building. Each article will describe a deck concept that I have used in the past, and how that deck concept developed over time to be successful (or in some cases, not so much).