Got a Counter? Toss

Offensive toss is dangerous for opposing defenses.  Most effective evil Enhancements have little to no strength resulting in poor use in a toss battle so it is best to utilize other methods when attempting to block.

Got a Counter? Fully Armored Spiritual Warriors

When fully armored with the Armor of God a Hero can become nearly unstoppable.  A fully armored Hero is protected from all evil brigades, capture abilities and Dominants, negates Evil Characters from 6 evil brigades, prevents Enhancements with a toughness less than 6, protects 6 souls from opponent’s cards, possibly plays an Enhancement after your opponent blocks, generates Lost Souls, has Site access, increases 6/6, and adds a card to hand each battle.  How can you possibly stop a Hero like that from rescuing souls?

Got a Counter? King David

A consistent challenge for many decks including royalty Evil Characters has been blocking King David.  I’ve seen many players single handedly lose games due to King David keeping the Evil Characters sitting helplessly in territories due to King David’s ignore ability.  What can royalty defenses due to counters this threat?

Got a Counter? A Domination

Abomination of Desolation has seen an increase in play since the release of The Early Church expansion.  The release of quality greek characters (Epicurean Philosophers, Stoic Philosophers, The Priest of Zeus, Demetrius the Silversmith), strong search options (Demetrius the Silversmith, Worldly Wisdom, Shrine of Artemis), quality battle winners (Adjourn, Seized by Rioters), and new forced draw options (Kindness, Titus, Areopagus, and Hellenistic Jews) have push the themed to a level where it has seen of tournament success this season winning and placing at many tournaments in T1 and T2.

Got a Counter?

What is a counter?  A counter is an effect which cancels another effect or card directly.  There are two types of counters in games of strategy.  Hard counters and soft counters.  With hard counter the opposing strategy has no chance and is completely dominated.  For example in rock-paper-scissors: rock hard counters scissors, scissors hard counters paper, etc.  Soft-counters include situation where a card has an advantage over another card, but not an overwhelming one.  A soft counter will usually beat the card it is opposing if it is able to get into play.